Cleaning and shining wine glasses

We don't mind a nice drop of wine here at Ha-Ra and a good Sommelier will tell you that the wine glass you choose to drink out of it is as important as what you are drinking. It is also important to ensure that you clean your wine glasses properly so we would like to share the following tips with you - 

How to clean and polish wine glasses

  1. Handwash or use dishwasher with minimal or no detergent (Saponella is great if you need to use a little detergent) as detergent can taint the flavour of the wine if there is any residue left on the glass
  2. We recommend using the Crystal Cloth after washing to remove watermarks and enhance clarity
  3. Cradle the bowl of the glass in your hand
  4. Use the cloth to polish the inside of the bowl
  5. Gently run the cloth around the rim of the glass
  6. Polish around the outside of the bowl
  7. Gently polish down the stem and around the base
  8. Never twist the bowl and base at either end as you will probably end up breaking it...

By working this way and polishing the inside first then the outside you will end up with a streak free finish.


Ha-Ra Australia