Ha-Ra's Care Centers Are Spotless, As Measured By National Standards

Early learning child care services are required to maintain all surfaces to a high standard of hygiene to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and ensure good health. To achieve a high standard of hygiene, Australia’s leading authority in infection control, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) recommends using detergent and warm water (‘Staying Healthy in Child Care- Preventing Infectious Disease’). 
These guidelines indicate that the cleaning of surfaces followed by rinsing and drying remove the majority of germs, meaning disinfectants are usually unnecessary. It is however apparent that cleaning and disinfecting procedures in early learning child care services often include chemical agents which are harmful to both staff and children.

The Child Care facility can benefit from a clean, safe, chemical-free space for the staff and children in three steps: 

  • Select safer cleaning products
  • Use safer cleaning practices
  • Follow a documented cleaning protocol which we recommend for your facility

Centres can meet National Quality Standards without using toxic chemicals. As defined in ‘Staying Healthy in Child Care’, cleaning is the removing of infectious agents and matters by washing or scrubbing, followed by rinsing and drying, as germs are unable to multiply on clean, dry surfaces. We offer an alternative by providing effective, sustainable cleaning practices so that every child and staff in Child Care facilities can be protected from germs and toxic chemicals.

What Ha-Ra offers for Childcare Centres: 

  • We audit your facility to identify specific circumstances and requirements.
  • We implement a complete cleaning system using water and commercial-grade microfibre, eliminating up to 98% of chemical usage.
  • We supply microfibre products which are colour coded for ease of use.
  • We provide written cleaning protocols, including methods and frequency of cleaning for general cleaning, daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, spills and specific areas such as change mats, as well as maintenance of cleaning equipment.
  • We provide Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for our plant-based products.
  • All our processes are based on clinically tested evidence, backed up by thoroughly researched documentation and supported by nearly two decades of professional experience in cleaning, consultation and education.
  • Our cleaning processes are currently used in Australian hospitals to sanitise sterilising equipment.
  • Specific standards relating to children’s health and safety and the physical environment addressed in our processes 

What are the benefits of using a complete microfibre cleaning system?

  • Effective hygiene practices are promoted and implemented while keeping children and staff safe, reducing the risk of harmful events.
  • All products supplied are hypoallergenic, thus reducing the incidence of allergic reactions and asthma attacks.
  • Improved indoor air quality as no volatile harmful chemicals are used.
  • Furniture and equipment are kept clean and free of germs and bacteria while requiring less staff time as microfibre cleaning systems are more time-effective than traditional methods.
  • Surfaces are cleaner as the fibres are designed to dislodge and absorb dirt and bacteria using electrostatic properties.
  • Sustainable practices are embedded in service operations without compromising safety standards. There is no need to mix, label and store dangerous products.
  • No opportunity for bacteria to develop a resistance to disinfectants.
  • Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and can be encouraged to take part in the process where appropriate as no harmful chemicals are used.
  • There is a significant reduction in long-term cleaning costs as the microfibre products are of commercial grade and designed to last through several hundred washes.


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