Using the Ha-Ra Cleaning Method: A Way to Get Rid of Collar Stains

This is how the annoying stains develop: The so-called collar fat does not indicate uncleanliness. Even directly after showering, new skin fat quickly forms again. Together with skin flakes, new stains often form after just a few hours.

Depending on the length of hair, new collar edges can also form due to the fat that our hair secretes. Hair gel and other products speed up this process. Make-up or self-tanner also leave ugly marks that can only be removed with pre-treatment.

This is where our ph-neutral Protective Formula comes in:

1. Slightly dampen the collar.
2. Use the Rollfix to apply the full care product to the stubborn dirt and work it into the fabric.
3. After a short exposure time, wash in the washing machine as usual and the edges will be blown away. Also works for stains on the cuffs!
4. Hang out in sunlight after washing. It will also help to bleach the stain away. 

Ha-Ra Australia