First things first: Experts don't talk much about mopping, but they say cleaning the main task. They tell the difference between visual, maintenance, and basic cleaning. House economists and cleaning experts get rid of dirt by using cleaning cloths or cleaning gloves. Today, we're going over the basics of cleaning, especially for anyone who wants to improve their floor cleaning performance. 

The two most important cleaning rules
There are only two simple rules for cleaning, and they are easy to remember because dust falls from the top to the bottom. Cleaning from top to bottom and from the inside out would be these. As an illustration, when cleaning a closet, you should commence at the top and work your way down. Because if you started cleaning from below, dirt from above would get on the surfaces of the bottom half of the cupboard that you had already cleaned. With the inside-out rule, dirt doesn't get stuck in the corners.

There are three main ways to clean
It's easy to tell the difference between visual, maintenance, and basic cleaning. As the name suggests, visual cleaning means getting rid of and wiping down everything that can be seen. Every day, you should do these things. Let's use an office as an example. Every night, the cleaning staff should remove all the empty glasses, cups, and other dishes from the desk and conference tables. They should also clean up any scraps, leftovers, crumbs, and coffee cup edges. Depending on how big the office is, full trash cans and paper baskets are usually emptied every day. The next morning, office workers can look forwards to a clean desk and a nice place to work.

When it comes to maintenance cleaning, there are other cleaning tasks that need to be done at set times. Using the office as an example, this could mean cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens on Mondays and Thursdays, and the doors, window sills, light switches, refrigerators, and floors on Fridays. Maintenance cleaning also includes the professional cleaning of whole buildings, which is done by dividing the areas to be cleaned among several employees. A fridge is often one of the dirtiest places in a home or office. This should also be cleaned at least once or twice a month with a ph neutral cleaner to get rid of any mould spores.

Basic cleaning is like spring cleaning in that a lot of things are cleaned from the bottom up. It is suggested that it be done twice a year in private homes. Here, too, professionals clean from top to bottom. They start by removing cobwebs and dust threads from under the ceiling. After that, you clean the curtains and windows, and then you clean the cabinets, walls, and carpets. In a perfect world, the client would have cleaned out the cabinets and sorted the useless items before this stage.

Utilize a colour method to clean effectively
A color-coded system has been created by Ha-Ra for all surfaces and areas that need to be cleaned in order to ensure true hygiene in the various rooms of an apartment or building. Each of the two recognisable colours—blue and red —stands for a different area. By doing this, it is prevented, for instance, from using the same cleaning cloth to clean the bathroom and the kitchen, which might spread germs to other parts of the room. The following regions are given one of the four primary cleaning colours:
  • Blue is used for kitchens 
  • Red is used for bathrooms, urinal, and toilet

Dishcloths used in the kitchen are some of the dirtiest things in homes. Therefore, they need to be washed on a daily basis. Therefore it is recommended to keep a few cloths on hand so you can rotate them during the week. 

How do you clean your floor properly?

Does it have to be hard to clean the floor? When you look at the cleaning products in a supermarket, it seems to be true. There are so many different cleaners, floor mops, cleaning tools, and cleaning aids for every surface. But do you really need so many different ways to clean floors?

The answer is: no! Most floor coverings are very easy to clean with only a ph neutral floor cleaner and water.

First, clean up the dust with a Dusting Pad 
If you want to wipe your floor, you must first clean it up and get rid of most of the dust and sand. Use the Dusting Pad to collect fine dust and sand particles. You should also clean off any surfaces that are high up. If you don't do something, it's easy for the dust you kick up when you wipe the floor to land back on the floor you just cleaned.

Tip: You can only vacuum a wooden floor with a special attachment made for wood floors to avoid scratching parquet and other indoor wooden floors. The Ha-Ra Dusting Pad will not scratch your floors. 


How to clean wooden floors 

Having a real wood floor makes a great place to live. You only need a Mach 6 Pad, lukewarm water, and a ph neutral detergent to clean it gently. A floor mop is also well suited for the gentle cleaning of wooden floors. 

Work with the Mach 6 pad, your floor mop and a ph neutral detergent only. Don't use too much of the ph neutral detergent as it forms a moisturizing protective film that oiled wood can make good use of. 

Tips: Don't use pads that are soaking wet as this could have an impact on your floors. The pads should be used slightly damp. 

How to clean linoleum floors 

Linoleum flooring is actually not plastic in the narrower sense. It is not made of polymers. But from linseed oil and limestone as well as other natural materials, including wood flour and jute. When cleaning floors, the following applies to gentle cleaning when it comes to linoleum: hands off any kind of acidic or harsh cleaning agent. They literally dissolve linoleum flooring instead of cleaning it.

Use ph neutral detergent rather than harsh cleaning products. The actual work process can be easily done with a floor mop and Mach 6 Pad. It consists of two different fibres, cleaning and absorbing. 

How to clean laminate floors

Laminate is very strong. When wiping the floor, the best cleaning pad is the Mach 6 Floor Pad. 

How to clean tiles

Tiles require a different floor pad to clean. You would use the Hedgehog Soft of Hedgehog Gold Range as the fine bristles also clean your grout. 

Not sure which floor mop is best for your surfaces?

Don't worry! Simply design your own floor mop. All you have to do is selecting your surface and we will do the rest! 

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