As the holiday season approaches, we are thrilled to share some festive cheer with a special Christmas offer that will leave your windows sparkling and your heart merry. For a limited time, we are delighted to offer our esteemed customers a complimentary ph-neutral Protective Formula Rollfix with the Window Cleaner and Star Polishing Cloth. This exclusive opportunity aims to bring effortless shine and lasting protection to your windows, making it a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Embracing a sustainable and effective approach to cleaning, Ha-Ra's Window Cleaner is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions for your home. Crafted with replaceable stainless steel components, this window cleaner is not only powerful in its cleaning capabilities, but also gentle on the environment.

When paired with the Star Polishing Cloth, a premium microfiber cloth that excels in bringing out the natural luster of glass surfaces, the Window Cleaner creates a flawless, streak-free shine that transforms your windows and mirrors into glistening showcases, inviting the festive spirit into your home.

In addition to the exceptional cleaning prowess of the Green Window Cleaner and the Star Polishing Cloth, the Protective Formula included in this set offers an extra layer of defense for your windows. This innovative formula preserves the brilliance of your freshly cleaned windows for longer periods.

This Christmas special not only aims to elevate your cleaning experience but also presents an opportunity to embrace sustainable practices and reduce the use of harsh chemicals in your home. Ha-Ra's dedication to delivering high-quality, long-lasting solutions is evident in the design and composition of these products, ensuring that you achieve immaculate results with minimal effort.

Wishing you a joyous and sparkling holiday season from the Ha-Ra family to yours. Merry Christmas and Happy Cleaning!
Ha-Ra Australia