Environmental sanitation: who like single-use anything?

Durable & environmentally-friendly cleaning cloths, made to last commercially since 1970! Who likes single-use anyway?

Ha-Ra® products unlike other cleaning products are made using a special filament yarn, which enables our products to last many years without disintegration. 

Our high-quality microfibers, nanofibres and monofibres are specially adapted to the needs of the commercial cleaning industry. 
There are many different products on the market that use a range of different qualities of fibre. The simple and inexpensive designs tend to break very quickly and dissolve from the cloth. However, Ha-Ra® uses only the best and highest quality raw materials to create durable and long-lasting products. When our products are washed in the washing machine the strength of our German engineered fibres prevent them being washed out of the cloth and into the ocean. 

A high density of fibres, allow products to be extremely durable. 
Our "continuous filament yarn” has very little filament breakage and is made of very resistant fibres with only 0 - 0.3 % breakage. In addition to these specially designed fibres, we use a W-binding process during the production, which is the best way to integrate these fibers into the fabric and prevent them from breaking in the washing process. 

Quality over Quantity 
Many cheap clothes are produced in low wage countries like China and India. Ha-Ra's German quality lasts for years. Thats why we promote quality over quantity! The directors of Ha-Ra Australia believed in Ha-Ra's durability and environmentally friendly products and previously owned a green cleaning business that used the same products without replacement for 15 years.



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