Tips for Keeping the Family Room Spotless

The living room is a busy place where we relax, watch movies, eat and play with the kids. We can make it easier for ourselves to tidy up by establishing a little bit of a cleaning routine in this room. We would like to give you 10 little tips on how you can keep your living room organised: 

1 Key word 

storage space 
Don't just use the floor and wall as storage space. You can also set up shelves in the middle of the room, so they function as room dividers. This makes it easier to separate living and dining areas in a functional way. Floating shelves that can be attached to the ceiling are a real eye-catcher, and you can find some nice versions online.

2 One piece comes - one piece goes!
Sometimes discipline is part of the organising process. Decorations and furniture can pile up very quickly. If you tend to collect items, this simple rule can help you. If you go out and buy a new piece of furniture, another one should leave. 

3 Bookworms watch out
Those who like to read need a way to store their books and magazines. There are several options: You can use them as furniture feature. For example, stacked books or magazines could work as a side table next to the couch. Or you can turn them into a wall shelf. 

4 The wall could be a gallery of your everyday objects
Things that take up a lot of space in the closet, such as handbags, do not have to be hidden. Take advantage of the space on the wall and display them as if they were work of art. Just like you can hang your favourite bike on the wall or a hat collection.

5 Make one out of two
If you only have little space, you should consider combining pieces of furniture. For example, you could combine a wall shelf with a desk - some furniture stores offer similar ideas.

6 Functional pieces of furniture
Don't save on functionality. Some couches are already offered with storage space. You can easily store boxes, baskets, blankets or pillows in it.

7 Shelves
There are many great ideas on how to turn your wall into a storage space. With entire shelving systems you can give the room order and structure. Some shelving systems can also be equipped with cabinet doors and designed according to your ideas. There are no limits to your creativity.

8 Goodbye cable clutter!
Nobody wants to see the tangled cables behind, under or above their electronics. You can sort the cables lengthwise with some cut hoses and use them as a cable duct so that they disappear safely behind the furniture without being squeezed. Cable ties are also suitable, although they offer less flexibility if a cable has to be replaced.

9 Off to the basket
Baskets are not only little heroes of order in the kitchen. You can stow everything in it and their different looks make them a nice eye-catcher on the shelves without appearing messy.

10 The A B C of order
A) After using an item: Bring it back to it's original spot.

B) Decide which things you really need in this room and how you can optimise your tidying up. You may not need a small storage shelve for bathroom items on the couch, right? 

C) Do you want to go to the toilet during the tv break? Take the empty bottle with you to the bin. In general: if you notice objects in places that do not belong in to a room, take them with you and put them in their right place.

Ha-Ra Australia