Discounts on Spring Cleaning Supplies for Australia Day 2019: Join Us!

It all starts with a couple of plastic spoons, a couple of straws, a couple of plastic bags, a couple of sponges, clothes and cleaning wipes... Since 1970 Ha-Ra has pioneered a cleaning product range which lasts even commercially for years! We only use the best and highest quality raw materials to create durable and long-lasting products. Every purchase in a sustainable product stops another cheap plastic item from entering the environment. One small step for you, but one gigantic step for man kind! So let's clean up together!

You can find a Clean Up site near you here. 

Get ready for Clean Up Australia Day on the 3rd of March with us and order our Floor Kit or Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit and receive a FREE door mat (60 x 40 cm) FOR FREE! Simply use the code CLEANUP at checkout! 

This offer is valid until the 6th of March 2019.  

Ha-Ra Australia