Using traditional cleaning procedures and supermarket items, you'd wind up with a collection of detergents and disinfectants in various spray bottles to cover the shower recess, flooring, and hard water deposits.

In the supermarket, there is a magic bottle with a varied scent for practically every cleaning problem. Degreasers for ovens or range hoods, as well as kitchen cleaning sprays, are frequently used, and are often followed with a disinfectant to sanitise the surface. However, despite a variety of sprays, you wind up with a sticky sticky and often dull surface that may smell nice but is far from clean. You use the sprays over and over again, and all they accomplish is make the surfaces stickier and grimier.

So, let's have a look at what cleaning actually means. Cleaning is the process of removing undesired substances from an object or surface, such as dirt, pathogens, and other contaminants. To archive this, a surface spray will not address the problem. Often, microfibres are far more effective than water alone in removing undesired compounds from a surface. There is no need for a spray or chemical to produce satisfactory results on any surface, and you save money on pricey refills in the long term.

Why are there so many different cleaning products on the market that are marketed as "Must-Haves"? Here are a few examples:

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner Tile Floor Cleaner
Toilet & Bathroom Spray Wipe Cleaners Antibacterial Disinfectant
Heavy Duty Glass & Window Spray Air Fresheners Furniture Polishing Oven Cleaner
None of them are required for the greatest cleaning results because all that is required is a cleaning system. This technique uses a variety of fibres to remove dirt and absorb it into the fabric, resulting in a completely clean and dry surface where bacteria cannot grow.

Some cleaning jobs may necessitate the use of an acid or alkaline solution to aid in the cleaning process. These are useful for greasy surfaces, such as the kitchen or range hood, where fat can accumulate or hard water develops.

The Starter Cleaning Kit is made with our best fibres to give you a taste of how effective they are.

It consists of two gloves and a strong microfibre cloth known as a Star Polishing Cloth. Its delicate weave effectively absorbs debris from a surface, leaving nothing behind. Copies of this cloth frequently have an extremely big weave and structure, indicating a low-quality cloth that will not endure many washes.

The Ultra Fibre in the Starter Cleaning Kit is one of the smallest fibres on the market, with 19.5 million filaments on one side.

It traps water between dirt particles and the surface. Each fibre type and character has a unique cleaning task. Some are intended to remove filth off a surface, while others are intended to absorb. Most cleaning jobs necessitate the use of both. The stiffer, sharper-edged fibres are intended for really tough dirt. The combination of synthetic fibres and nano fibres is intended for softer and more delicate surfaces, such as your gleaming kitchen cabinets or marble benchtops. In some circumstances, the fibres generate static electricity, allowing for dust-free cleaning of louvres or shutters.

The Starter Cleaning Kit's Cleaning Gloves and Cloths are made of polyester and polyamide fibres. Because polyester fibres attach to fat and grease, the Star Polishing Cloth can attract light grease and not scatter it around. With its capillary effect, the Star Polishing Cloth may also absorb moisture into the fabric. Because most low-quality microfibre cloths do not absorb water, this is a multi-purpose cleaning cloth from the Starter Cleaning Kit.

Degreasing Gloves are also included in the Starter Cleaning Kit. The Ultra Cleaning Glove is made of a robust polyamide fibre with high pressure heat tentacles. These broken fibres' longer cellulose fibres are subsequently knitted onto the material. The Ultra Cleaning Glove's fibre sucks up grease and water with a gentle physical motion, and the fibres penetrate the surface, attracting grease from any surface such as range hoods, stoves, bbqs, bench tops, and shower recesses. It also removes dust and grease from all surfaces. It works fantastically on the buildup on car glass window screens, which is caused by the heat and upholstery in your car, resulting in a film across the windscreen. These fibres will agitate mechanically like a micro fine scrubbing brush when used with the Ultra Cleaning Glove and only water. As the Starter Cleaning Kit operates as a system, this process will bring the filth to the surface. The opposite side of the glove will absorb the residue brought to the surface, resulting in a complete and crystal clean finish. Dry off glossy surfaces like glass or mirrors with the Star Polish Cloth. Leading kitchen stone bench top firms recommend the Ultra Cleaning Glove because it guarantees that the surface will not be harmed or scratched even if no cleaning detergent is used.

With the Starter Cleaning Kit, you will avoid leaving a sticky coating on the surface or dulling it. If you use the mechanical fibre range from the Starter Cleaning Kit, the surface will be bright and bacteria-free because no residue will be left behind after cleaning and drying.

Mechanical fibre cleaning entails more than just using a microfiber towel. Cleaning experts frequently use acid, alkaline, and ph neutral detergents. It is recommended to maintain the fibres using the ph neutral detergent to help theStarter Cleaning Kit. Protective Formula is a ph neutral detergent that is used to improve the efficacy of the fibres. The Starter Cleaning Kit with ph neutral detergent is specifically developed to aid in the cleaning and preservation of the fibres. It also acts as a wetting agent, allowing the water to stay in the fibres longer and the grease to emulsify on the Ultra Cleaning Glove. When you run the Glove under flowing water, it also helps to change the tension of the fibres, allowing the oil or fat to be released. When you have absorbed a lot of oil and filth into your Ultra Cleaning Glove from an oven or barbeque, apply a very small amount using the Rollfix bottle or some sunshine laundry soap.

The Protective Formula is included with the Starter Cleaning Kit in the form of a roll-on bottle. It's really environmentally friendly. It is made from plant-based raw materials and is 99% biodegradable. The Protective Formula in the Starter Cleaning Kit includes no preservatives, according to a Swiss Ingredients Check and the EMPA Material testing and research Agency. Because of the bottle's roll-on feature, it is very concentrated and should be used sparingly. One drop per two litres of water is adequate. You can alternatively dilute the solution with water and spray it on the Cleaning Glove directly. The general rule is that the dirtier the surface, the more water you need. Customers love the Protective Formula Rollfix because it removes stains without leaving a water mark. It can also be used in conjunction with the Cleaning Gloves to cure stains on your car's upholstery, carpets, leather lounge, or textile furnishings.

The renowned Green Cleaning Glove for filth and mould is also included in the Starter Cleaning Kit. It is the most effective glove for removing mould, dust, grime, and sand. The Green Cleaning Glove from the Starter Cleaning Kit is made with a patent-pending fibre. The fiber's secret has never been revealed, and numerous firms have attempted and failed to replicate it. All we know is that the fibres were shrunk using a heat process and laid on a strong denier. These robust fibres are then precisely weaved into the polyamide fabric, providing the Green Cleaning Glove with the durability to be re-used repeatedly. This strong Cleaning Glove is an important part of the Starter Cleaning Kit and has been suggested by top security screen providers such as Crimsafe to clean screens, runners, and tracks, as well as commercial cleaning agencies and franchises.

We are all aware that garbage cans gather a lot of filth and dust, resulting in the formation of mould. For this task, the Green Cleaning Glove is appropriate. Using only water will suck the mould into the fabric. It is also useful when cleaning down pipes or as a prep for painters to eliminate compounds such as sugar soap. Many customers use the Green Cleaning Glove to clean window ledges, cars, and even gutters and garage doors. To remove soot from council garbage cans, some municipalities utilise the Green Cleaning Glove. Various commercial cleaning businesses use the Starter Cleaning Kit since it is long lasting and comes with a three-part warranty that it works.

The fibres that surround the Starter Cleaning Kit were created in the 1970s by Hans Raab, a professional cleaner from Germany. He was already frustrated with the restrictions and hazards of the cleaning profession at the time. He aimed to create a mechanical and chemical-free cleaning technique that would clean 98% of all surfaces using mechanical fibres.

His original invention's three distinct fibres are included in the Starter Cleaning Kit. These fibres have been designed for a variety of uses, including cleaning loose dirt and oil, taking up large amounts of dirt and sand, polishing, and absorbing.

Because of the physical-mechanical action of these fibres, cleaning requires only water and no elbow grease. It eliminates the need for multiple cleaning solutions that are often stocked under the sink. We are all aware that these sprays can enter our systems through the lungs and skin and cause illness. The Starter Cleaning Kit is an excellent way to experiment with the cleaning power of these unique fibres. A Starter Floor Cleaning Kit is now available to meet all of your Floor Cleaning needs.
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