Ha-Ra is build on innovation, quality and trust.

Company founder Hans Raab has set himself the task of manufacturing products in harmony with nature that make life easier and better. The primary goal is to maintain the highest standards for the products and to produce them sustainably. Sustainability also means taking responsibility - e.g. with the decision "Made in Germany". Ha-Ra products are mostly manufactured in-house and secure jobs in the region. Inventor and visionary Hans Raab stands with his name for dealing responsibly with people, nature and the environment. Ha-Ra is still committed to this company philosophy today. The human being is the focus of action. The absolute environmental compatibility and the greatest possible protection of all resources as well as the uncompromising renunciation of animal testing is the top priority.

Ha-Ra window cleaning - Always a classic! 

The long success story of Hans Raab and Ha-Ra began with the window cleaner and it continues. In the 1980s, Hans Raab set a world record in window cleaning that has not been beaten to this day. He managed to clean an incredible 638 square meters of window space in less than 3 hours. That's more than 3.5 square meters per minute. Quality and durability characterise the Ha-Ra window cleaning devices. All components are made by hand in our own factory. The window squeegees combine high-quality, solid aluminum profile with robust polyamide. Wear parts such as the fibre or the rubber lip made of natural rubber can be replaced at any time. A window wiper should not only last a long time, it should also make window cleaning quick and easy. Foamer and squeegee are combined in one device; without sacrificing functionality. With the enormously powerful and absorbent Viva fiber, up to 30 square meters of window area can be cleaned in one go without absorbing fresh water. And if your own arm is too short for special glass surfaces, Ha-Ra offers telescopic rods made of non-slip, solid aluminum corrugated tube with a length of up to 4 meters. 

The Ha-Ra window wipers are available in different sizes

The classic as a standard version, the window cleaning device with which Hans Raab set his legendary world record. This version is available in the sizes 19 cm, 32 cm and 38 cm. If you need to reach up high, four telescopic rods are available. Thanks to the variable angle of inclination and the continuously adjustable length, no glass surface is out of reach. The telescopic rod is available in lengths of 0.5-1 m, 1-2 m, 1.50-3 m and 2-4 m. The rubber is of a very high quality of natural rubber. It is coated in a powder to give it an extra long lifespan. This rubber can be used on both sides. 

The handling of the Ha-Ra window wipers

1. Before cleaning the windows: Moisten the window cleaner and wring it out until you hold it at an angle so that no more water drips.

2. Lather: Apply Ha-Ra Protective Formula with the Rollfix (roll 3 to 4 times over the fibre) and lather slightly. Foam the window completely with circular movements (window wiper Vario: rubber lip points downwards).

3. Pull off: (Vario window wiper: rubber lip points upwards) Place the rubber lip on the window frame and pull off from top to bottom. Hold the wiper at a slight angle, then wipe the rubber lip dry, e.g. with the Ha-Ra Star. Repeat the process up to the opposite window frame. Finally, clean the window frames with Ha-Ra Star.

4. After cleaning the windows: Clean the window squeegee with clear water and leave it lying on the top to dry.

The handling of the Ha-Ra telescopic poles

Attach the telescopic rods to the handle of the Ha-Ra window squeegee with a little pressure and a slight twist. Adjust the angle of the Ha-Ra telescopic rod required for foaming using the wing screw. To remove, turn the angle by 180 degrees (standard window wiper) or turn the rubber lip upwards (vario window wiper).

When should windows be cleaned?

Most professionals recommend that six times a year is sufficient. That means every two to three months you should pick up the window cleaner. But that also always depends on where you live: A busy street in the middle of the city will get dirty windows faster than a quiet street in a rural area. Especially in spring, when the pollen begins to fly and pollen settles on the windows as a yellow film, you should grab your window cleaner. It's best if you get the window cleaning done on a grey but dry day. Windows should not be cleaned when the sun is shining, as this allows the panes to dry too quickly and there is hardly any time to wipe them afterwards. This tends to create stripes and streaks.
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