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Skin itching, nose running, eyes scratching, sweat running and temper boiling; this is me attempting to spring clean before I found Ha-Ra.

I’m Sheldon Harper reporting in for blogging duty; here to help my fellow allergy sufferers, germ fearers and obsessively organized individuals master the art of uncomplicated cleaning. Each week I will uncover the best ways to rid our homes of horrid things such as dust, germs, dirt, bacteria and frustration - the things that keep us from doing what we enjoy in our own environment. 

I can’t stand mess and disorganization but my body can’t seem to handle getting my house in order the ‘normal way’ because the dust and other allergens get the better of me. When I’m in a cleaning mood I don’t stop ‘til the whole job is done and I find myself puffy-eyed and agitated when finished – I’m hardly in the mood to appreciate what I’ve spent so long working towards not to mention doing anything else with my day apart from shower and rest. However, since finding Ha-Ra I’ve been able to quickly get the house clean, hygienic and organized to my very high standard in half the time and without all the issues. No more stuffing tissues up my nose just so I can get the dusting done!


I’m not about to give you the sales pitch, but I will give you my recount of my first experience with my favourite product, and you can be the judge of whether or not this is right for you too.

I became a Ha-Ra customer after being referred by a work colleague and I have to admit I was sceptical and found it very hard to let go of the idea of using my once favourite things – the chemicals that I thought were protecting me from all the evil germs in my home. I will confess I was crazy with my disinfectant and bleach, I put it everywhere to destroy all the germs and bacteria. Little did I know they weren’t doing the job, were setting off my allergies and actually harming me and my house.  


My first purchase was the Dry Yellow Glove and the Perfect Floor System with a Dry Yellow Pad. I got myself set up thinking that I was about to waste my time, and I prepared for the sneezing attack and asthma symptoms sure to follow. I wiped down the tv unit and my dvd player, game units and screens and I got a little excited, they all looked brand new with not a spec of dust…and there was no dust in the air. I looked at the glove and it was filthy. I still wasn’t completely convinced; you can’t win me over that easily, so I took to the rest of the house. I wiped round photo frames, computers, the top of the blinds and the tops of the fans… my excitement was building. Then I used the floor system with the yellow pad and swept the whole house making sure I got every corner and edge of skirting and found everything was picked up – nothing sticking to my feet.  I looked at the clock and realized that I’d only spent 10 minutes completing these tasks and my entire house was dust-free AND I hadn’t sneezed once! I was ecstatic, just couldn’t believe that I felt excited about cleaning, I didn’t feel irritated or sniffly and I had the whole rest of the day to enjoy myself unaffected by allergies. 


Since that first Ha-Ra moment I have continued to use the Ha-Ra products and have great results to report back, but those stories will have to wait for another day as there’s things to organize and rooms to clean – I can’t stay focused on this blog while those less than perfect spaces in my home need attention, sorry.

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