Ha-Ra Green Glove for Security Screens now available at North Coast Blinds and Security on the Sunshine Coast

North Coast Blinds and Security is one of the leading suppliers of high quality window coverings and security screens on the Sunshine Coast. The team offers a huge range of products to suit all kinds of homes including blinds, shutters, awnings, plus security and insect screens and doors.

As the local experts in window coverings, North Coast Blinds and Security know that the choice of blinds and screens can affect the entire feel of a home, and that every home is different. That’s why the specialist consultants will help ensure the custom made product you choose is perfectly fitted and maintained with a selection of Ha-Ra Gloves.

Cleaning your door frames, runners and tracks of droppings, cobwebs, dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the Ha-Ra Green Glove. Just damp it with some water and wipe the surfaces. The Glove protects your fingers so you can get in the grooves and tracks. Be reassured that doors and surfaces stay cleaner for longer when no chemicals are smeared on to them. 

The friendly team will provide you with expert advice, a free measure and quote, followed by prompt and professional installation and maintenance suggestions. 

Explore the product range online www.northcoastblinds.com.au or contact them for a free quote. 

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