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Car Cleaning Solution

Car cleaning and high-gloss sealing in one step without water and scratches. The Ha-Ra TS cleans, polishes and conserves all smooth and shiny areas without water, e.g. sheet metal, chrome, synthetic materials, glass fibre and many other materials. T by Ha-Ra seals and shines cars, caravans, boats etc. leaving a sparkle which stays for weeks. 

How to use: 
Ready to use spray solution! Shake the bottle before every use and sparingly onto the surfaced to be cleaned. Distribute with a Ha-Ra Glove (we recommend the Mach 6 Glove). Then polish and dry the sprayed area with the other side of the Glove. 

Please note: 
Do not allow to dry! Do not clean large areas at a time and do not use in direct sunlight. Work from the top to the bottom of the area. 

500ml pure active care ingredient made of aliphatic hydrocarbons, natrual tensides and care substances.