Work from your Caravan anywhere in Australia and be part of the booming Eco Tourism

Our famous “Green Glove” is a high-quality commercial-grade product to clean your Caravan and it’s surroundings without any chemicals while only using water. 


You will promote the sustainable values of the booming Eco-Tourism in Australia, as this way of cleaning eliminates the use for chemicals. The opportunities are endless: Bindy for example equipped the BIG4 Marion Holiday Park and Adelaide Shores Caravan Park with Ha-Ra Cleaning supplies. They have now taken the business to the next level towards the booming Ecotourism while getting rid of toxic chemicals and providing easy-to-use procedures for staff. Ha-Ra will save money for expensive refills in the long-run and improve the down time for sick leave, as the staff is not inhaling toxic chemcials on a day to day basis, which builds up in their system.

Some businesses in this field have the reputation of Multi-Level-Marketing. We are not one of them. Simply whole sale discount from us to you, so you can sell the product for recommended retail on the road. Please contact us via if you would like to find out more. We would love to have you on board. 
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