Why our natural Saponella will blow your laundry and dishwashing worries away!

First of all - it is 99% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-pollutant 
Saponella is manufactured from a naturally occurring soapstone that is ground to a powder and combined with an extract from the Saponella plant. A test conducted by the EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology showed that it is easily broken down by micro-organisms and therefore not polluting our water ways. Read the Ha-Ra® Safety Datasheet (MSDS).

It’s a safe 2-1 solution for your washing machine and dishwasher. 
Saponella is highly concentrated, extremely effective and economic. In the washing machine the low sudd powder holds the dirt in suspension so both dirt and powder are completely removed from the fabric. In the dishwasher a small amount of Saponella powder is used to clean your crockery, utensils and glassware without the chlorine compounds usually found in dishwashing powders.

It’s ideal for psoriasis sufferers, people with allergies and asthmatics. 
It does not contain any lighteners, bleaches, starch, enzymes, foam regulators, synthetic fragrances, chlorine-based compounds and perborates and foam regulators - ideal for people with young children as well as for allergy and eczema sufferers.

It will last for a long time and result in a longer life for your Ha-Ra® products. 
This natural washing powder is highly concentrated and cost effective. You will only need 10 mls per wash or 2 teaspoons in the dishwasher. Washing your Ha-Ra® fibres with Saponella will prolong the life of the fibres and care for them for years to come alongside with our 3-PART Guarantee.




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