Where not only feng shui is a must - THE LIVING ROOM DETOX

In feng shui, the challenge in decorating a living room is to create a space that is beautiful and practical while ensuring it has a strong, fresh, clean, and happy energy. A living room that is clean and clutter free is the foundation for good feng shui. There can be no solid and good feng shui energy in a space that is infected by clutter. So how can you fight clutter & chemicals in your living room? 

A lot of furniture has been treated with toxic flame retardants called PBDEs. PBDEs are blended into plastics and foams used in some furniture, mattresses and car cushions. But they don't like to stay there. PBDEs have big plans and they're not in your best interests. They like to leach onto other people, places ant things. Including you. Nobody is really certain what prolonged PBDE exposure will do to people. But we know that they can be found in human breast milk in increasing concentrations and that they are likely to accumulate in human tissue. We think avoiding PBDEs would be a good idea. IKEA for example phased out PBDEs years ago. When it comes to cleaning your existing leather couch or upholstery? Check out Mrs. Sparkles videos on her Youtube channel. 

It wasn't so long ago that using lead paint was perfectly acceptable. Now it's a huge no-no. The toxins in oil-based paint are linked to all sorts of health problems including symptoms ranging from headaches to cancer. Notice how that fresh paint smell lingers? It's off gassing. If you're smelling it, you're breathing it, and if you're breathing it, you might as well be eating all those toxins. Milk-based paints are the best alternative. They're made with milk protein and lime, are petroleum-free do not off-gas like typical paints, and are low in VOCs. Cleaning walls has never been easier than using the Yellow Floor Pad on your Floor System to collect dust in hard or high to reach areas. 


A feather duster is just plain nasty! It's not trapping any dust, just moving it around, putting all those dust mites in motion around the room. Advanced fibre technology is the new miracle. It won't scratch your furniture or the surface of your glass table or LED TV. It will trap and hold dust, thanks to millions of microscopic hooks in each cloth, and it's washable so you can use and reuse it almost forever. The Ha-Ra® Dry Yellow Glove is made from a special & secret synthetic fibre (which is NOT a microfibre) and excellent for dry dusting all areas of the home. It’s fibres build up a static charge that collects dust, making it beneficial for asthmatics and people with allergies. Just rub gently to activate the charge and then gently pull in a light S motion over the surface to be cleaned. It should not be used on wet surfaces. 

Take off your shoes. A lot of dirt grime and bacteria can enter the home on your feet. We talked about this topic in our previous Floor Cleaning blog. So, ditch the carpet for natural hard floors wherever possible. 

Be sure to whipe down the vents from which hot and cold air come out in your home. Colleted dust can be recirculated when the Aircondition blows. Wet our Natura Glove with water and wipe down to prevent a dusty situation. Opening the windows as frequently as possible goes a long way to reduce poor indoor air quality. Plants are natures air purifiers. They're built do absorb many dangerous toxins, and can boost oxygen levels too. Plants that are most effective include: philodendrons, green spider plants, dracaenas, palms, ferns, english ivy, peace lilies and daisies. 








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