Where dust mites, toys and our children live - THE KIDS ROOM DETOX

Kids immune systems aren't fully developed until around 10, lungs at about age 20, and many other organs are still works-in-progress until age 16. Kids love to "live" on the floor, where residues from toxic things end up. They seem to put everything they find on that floor in their mouths. That makes them a prime receptacle for all things dirty that surround them. Toxins and chemicals affect them much more! So it's time to detox their rooms so they can focus on more important things, like homework.

Toys & Crafts 
Many plastic toys are made of ployvinyl chloride (aka PVC or vinyl), a type of plastic that is made with phthalates. Look for a triangle shaped icon that is found on all plastic products. If you see a number "3" in that triangle, it's PVC. 

Nobody is sure how long it takes nappies to biodegrade. We're for a cleaner planet and so naturally we're also for cloth nappies. Even though we realize that they're a little bit more work and a little less convenient than disposables. Considering that roughly 2 billion tons of plastic, paper, urine and feces are dumped in landfills each year. Making all those disposalbe nappies takes an estimate of 200.000 trees every year. Before we had disposable nappies only 7% of babies had rashes. Add all that up and it seems like cloth is the best choice. Your baby and your planet will be a lot happier. 

Bedding & Furniture 
Dust weekly with a Natura Cloth or Dry Yellow Glove. That way, if your children decide they love the taste/smell/feel of the surroundings, he or she won't end up in the emergency department. Traditional mattresses and bedding can contain synthetic materials that can transfer residue or off-gas while your child sleeps. Stay away from nylon or polyester. Synthetic fibres also hold smells and are harder to keep sterilised. Light cotton blankets, cotton bunny rugs and cotton waffle blankets are great. 

Highchairs & prams 
Be prepared for your highchair to become a culinary mess. When choosing one, consider ease for cleaning, safety and durability. The wider the tray, the more food it will catch. We recommend to clean highchairs after each meal with our Sapphire Cloth and water only. (no detergents or chemicals!) Remember: A totally clean and dry surface cannot grow germs and bacteria, much in the same way as if we as humans do not have food and water we cannot survive; bacteria cannot survive without water and nutrients. The same applies for your pram or stroller. Our powerful Ultra Glove reaches into the fabric and small intentations and cleans food spills or mould in no time. 

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