Welcome to our headquarter in Germany

Germany is known for it's Sausages, Sauerkraut, Oktoberfest and the famous "Made in Germany quality". We were intent on discovering this "quality-promise" for ourselves… and what better place to start, than with a visit to our headquarter in Camphausen close to the boarder of France. 

For those who don't know: 
Ha-Ra® was founded over 40 years ago by Hans Raab who developed a way of producing combinations of cleaning fibres that only require water to produce effective cleaning results. During the cleaning process, millions of extremely fine hair-like special fibres loosen even the most stubborn dirt and grease, which are then bound together by the fibres and water and collected into the cloths and cleaning pads. This pioneering invention led to the beginning of a tremendous success story, and these fibres are still so unique that Ha-Ra® has applied for over 150 individual patents.

Production Manager Mr. Straß explained on our tour through the production that only selected high-quality European microfibres are used to create the professional Ha-Ra® fibre systems. They have been especially adapted to the needs of the cleaning industry. No other manufacturers of comparable fabrics produce with as little textile auxiliaries. Ha-Ra® offers more than 12 different fibres and over 150 different products for various surfaces and cleaning tasks - all made in Germany with the utmost care and highest possible standards. It was an fantastic experience to explore each production step from the raw material through the various quality checks to the finished product. 

Very special thanks to Isabelle Flaetchen for the fantastic presentation of the organic plantation for our harabelle product line in Martano. Guiding us through all the different areas with Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and fresh Herbs with her extensive experience made us feel we are right in the middle of these wonderful and rustic plantation in Italy. 

Meeting all these like-minded people and colleagues showed us again how important it is to teach the world about using safe cleaning products at home to avoid toxic chemicals. Taking the best from our ancestors and combining it with the best of the 21st Century is what Ha-Ra® stands for - worldwide! 


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  • Fibres

    How safe are the fibres for the environment? Reports say they end up in the oceans and are eaten by fish. Was this discussed at Ha-Ra headquarters?

  • Ha-Ra is safe for the environment

    Dear Henriette,

    thanks for your comment and sharing your concern.

    We at Ha-Ra® want to make sure our products are not ending up in the ocean.
    We love the environment, so of course we love recycling! The Managing directors of Ha-Ra® used to run their own commercial GREEN cleaning business and sold it together with the fibre Cloths after more than 15 years (!) Ha-Ra®'s German quality lasts for years. Thats why we promote quality over quantity! Ha-Ra® products have a special filament yarn which makes them last for years without fibres ending up in the ocean.

    Fact is: There are many different qualities of fibers on the market. The simple and inexpensive designs tend to break very quickly and dissolve from the cloth. However, Ha-Ra® uses only the best and highest quality raw materials. This is the only way to avoid the breaking of fibers in microfiber products. You would recognize the high-quality raw materials with the extraordinarily good function and longevity of our products. You probably wash your cleaning cloths together with Towels or/other cotton and polyamide products in the washing machine. The dirty water is directed into the local sewage system and then cleaned up by your local authorities. From this circle nothing reaches the world's oceans. However, 100 years ago, if you cleaned your clothing and cleaning textiles along the river, small fibre components of inferior fibers might have made it into the sea.

    Furthermore the European Ha-Ra® microfibers are specially adapted to the needs of the commercial cleaning industry. Our "continuous filament yarn” has very little filament breakage and very resistant fibers with the least technically possible amount of avivage (0 up to 0.3%, usually 2%). No other manufacturer of comparable textiles can produce with so few textile auxiliaries. In addition to these especially designed fibres, we use the a W-binding during the production, which is the best solution to integrate the fibers in the fabric and prevents them from triggering in the washing process. Ha-Ra® looks after the highest densities in its products and again gives the W-bond extremely high adhesion within the fabric, which then also shows an above-average long-term durability.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.