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Clare M.
I love the window cleaning brushes

Miriam H.
I would love access to instructional videos on how best to use your products.
Ha-Ra® Team: Hi Miriam, please find our instuctional videos
in each product describtion in our Online Shop. 

Geraldine J.
Great product - been using it for years

Heather N.
Ha-Ra products deliver what they promise - efficient,
chemical-free cleaning - without the hard work

Christine G. 
Great products, have used for years, have recommended to others and
always choose Ha-Ra cloths, great durability, saves money

Cheryl A. 
Ha-Ra is environmentally friendly

Pamela B.
I love Ha-Ra, all great

Michael S.
I was given great service as well as even greater products

Dulcie F. 
I have been using Ha-Ra for many years and was a distributor for quite some time. 
I have a big range of Ha-Ra in my home and all of it is used regularly.

Lianne B. 
I really like the window cleaning system, we now have lovely clean windows for our guests 

Stella K. 
I really enjoy using HaRa just wish you did microfibre tea towels ... and had sales sometimes! 
Ha-Ra® Team: Hi Stella, Our Crystal Cloth is the high-quality version of a tea towel as the fibres are woven in a unique and special way. 
It will be available in various different colours soon. If you dont want to miss out on sales & specials just like our Facebook page or sign up for the Newsletter. 

Debra E.
No improvement needed.  

Roberto L. 
Green Glove is unbelieveable - it would be great to have it as a pad as well. 
Ha-Ra® Team: Hi Roberto, our Green Fibre is availalbe as a Floor Pad. Ideal to maintain decks, awnings, caravans or outdoor areas. 

Gai O. 
Being quick efficient and effective with all contacts emails phone text. 

Megan H. 
I really love ha-ra so much so that I changed completely from chemical cleaning to straight ha-ra products. 

Wendy H. 
Nothing cleans stainless stain like HA-RA blue paste does!! 

Lyn S. 
I have used it for 20 years no complaints at all. 

Leticia B. 
I'd like a Glove specifically to clean the shower screen.
Ha-Ra® Team: Our Ultra Glove is especially designed to clean Grease & Grime. Ideal for Shower Screens. 
Find each the instruction video if you scroll down in the product description.

John M. 

Jane E. 
Love the Ha-Ra products - we have a large floor areas of matt 600 x 600 tiles and the floor system cleans the tiles extremely well.
The dirt collects on the pad and is not transferred back to the tiles.

Jacquie W. 
I have been using Ha-Ra for 12 years and absolutely love it!
Have saved $$$$ by using one system and don't need to have a cupboard
full of different cleaning cloths and fluids to keep everything sparkling!
Just Ha- Ra and more Ha-Ra!!!

Uta W. 
Friendly customer focus.

Janelle B. 
I have never used Ha-Ra before. This was the first time. I will be getting it again. Love the products!

Merlita C. 
I'm so happy for using hara products over 12yrs of existent.
I think the best cleaning agent the whole world absolutely.
I can recommend to everyone out there who looking for a chemical free fibre cleaning technology

Beverley S. 
I love everything about ha-ra I like the way it saves me money it's great on my Webber.
My bathroom is cleaner I don't spend a lot of time scrubbing.
My floors only need a wipe over and I know there is no chemicals. I just love it.

Barb A. 
It's so fabulous both in & outside of the house ... nothing it won't clean effortlessly for sure.
A great consumer bonus is the longevity of the whole range of products.

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