Very exciting!

Another great book has come to the fore.  Highlighted tonight on the 7PM Project, Healthy Home, Healthy Family supports chemical free cleaning among other great ideas for a healthier home.  Check out the website to read about the author, Nicole Bijlsma, who has a wealth of experience in dealing with 'sick homes'


Almost 90% of ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products have not been safety tested for human health effects.


Nicole talks about avoiding the use of chemicals for household cleaning and that simply using a good quality microfibre cloth is a great alternative. 



US researchers found that women who used alot of cleaning products, air fresheners and insect repellants had a higher risk of breast cancer (Zota et al, 2010).


The website really makes interesting reading and does make you wonder how long it is going to take before we all wake up.  A really easy place for everyone to start would be here:


5 Steps to a Healthy Home

If I was to sum up in 5 basic steps how to create a healthy home, this would be it!


  1. Take your shoes off before you enter the building.
  2. Don’t use chemicals to clean your home; use damp microfibre cloths to dust and clean.
  3. Keep at least 2 metres from appliances and other sources of electromagnetic fields.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and motorised head.
  5. Get an appropriate water filter.

Ha-Ra has believed for a number of years that the home environment can be greatly improved by the removal of chemicals.  Show you care and pass this article and Nicole's website to everyone you know.

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