Things in your home should be an extension of your lifestyle

Meet our new Partner Zarpar | Global Living and create a gorgeous bohemian inspired living space. Jemma, the founder believes the things in your home should be an extension of your lifestyle - what a perfect fit for Ha-Ra® and our chemical free cleaning systems. Read the detailed interview with her below. 

Please tell us about your business? What is the story behind Zarpar?
Here at Zarpar, we believe the art of handmade design has the power to enrich the lives of impoverished and underprivileged people. We work with NGO and Fair Trade collectives in many regions across the world to help empower the people in whom they support; nurturing dignity, pride and humanity at every level. 

I built my career working for various lifestyle corporations – growing tired of helping to build the fortunes of yet another CEO who held little knowledge or care of the origins of their products, Zarpar was born. I spent several years of global travel and experienced firsthand the amazing talents this world has to offer, I set out to introduce the work of the incredible craftspeople I had met along the way. We offer Bohemian and Artisanal Handcrafted treasures for the home and nursery. Each one of our items reflects the personal stories of their makers and the cultures that inspire them. 

Zarpar is a Portuguese word meaning “To Set Sail” 
To Set Sail meaning “To Begin a Journey” 

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced becoming a sustainable fair trade business and living a green lifestyle with your family? 
At home I am a busy mum, I am always on the look-out for convenience – managing a green and healthy lifestyle can be a challenge in everyday life as the big brands push their cheap, harsh and unhealthy products. I have learnt the key is to be organised – prepare meals in advance, write lists, create playtime around everyday chores. (my son loves to dig in the garden while I hang out the washing!)

My challenge in business has been educating people around the gorgeous quality of our products and to help remove the consumerism culture!  I am very passionate about our gorgeous products and their unique origins – such as our African Moses Baskets; made with more attention to detail as if they were made for the crafters own babies.  Our products are made to be something you treasure – not just another thing bought on a whim to end up in landfill.  

How did you find out about Ha-Ra? - Chemical free cleaning?
I discovered Ha-Ra through the incredibly growing world of social media – seeing so many positive testimonies, it inspired me to learn more!  

Big companies have hypnotized everyone into believing “toxic chemicals = clean.
We both know this is not true! How would you describe in your own words how Ha-Ra and our chemical free cleaning system works? 
Since becoming mum to our 2 beautiful babies it has become even more important to me to ensure my home is as chemical free as possible. Ha-Ra replaces all of your usual harsh cleaners and you can feel confident your kids aren’t inhaling nasty toxins.  Using simple fibres to efficiently wipe away dirt and grime means cleaning time and cost is halved!   

You are one of our various business partners and an Online Agents at the same time.
Did you find it easy to enrol into the program? What are the mature benefits? 
It has been extremely simple – Katrin has made the process very straightforward. It is a great opportunity to join hands and help share the benefits of living a green and healthy lifestyle.  

Why would you recommend Ha-Ra to other families and businesses?
It is a sustainable lifestyle product - the simplicity of the products, and ease of use helps fit into anyone’s busy lifestyle.    

What is your tip to help families reduce their chemical exposure? 
First of all – shop Ha-Ra! Secondly - Shop ethical, organic and fair-trade. Many of the large retailers use chemicals in garment dyes and finishes to cut costs. Here at Zarpar we have ensured all products have been naturally finished, including all of our baskets that use vegetable dyes. Also, look at natural alternatives to your everyday routines.  Natural Oils work as beautiful skin care and gentle baby care.  

What is your green goal for the future?
Our goal is to help make more and more people aware of the origins of their products and the environments they were crafted. We believe ALL people should have access to the most basic of life necessities, through Zarpar we are helping to support many people achieve a better quality of life by promoting a sustainable lifestyle. 

Jemma, thank you for joining our GREEN MISSION and becoming an official Ha-Ra® partner. 
We are looking forward to many interesting and fun projects in the future. 

All Ha-Ra customers receive an exclusive 20% off the entire Zarpar product range. Just use HARA20 at checkout. 

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  • We are so happy to have people on board that are like minded

    I agree, and Im so pleased that the younger generation are latching on to the importance of a healthy environment. I have been pushing this for over 25 years in Australia and now Im over 65 years old and had children in my forties I felt the same having my children so now its up to the next generation to get behind a preventative health.Save our immune system by not having contact with toxic chemicals wether it is food we ingest or absob chemicals through our skin. Even putting your hands into detergents the poison will enter the blood stream .Thank you for being a part of our Green Mission