The top 10 answers: Why they recommend Ha-Ra

Our Competition question was: what is Ha-Ra’s best-selling point?   The winners will receive a Mach 6 micro fibre glove valued at $55. Congratulations to Helen, Christine, Karen, Stephanie, Michelle, Janelle, Sophie, Julia, Shannon and Terri. And here are the top 10 answers.


  1. Definitely the safety aspect with it being chemical free and it works brilliantly. I wouldn't use anything else after discovering Ha-Ra the greenest clean.
  2. My dry yellow floor pad system has made my life bliss. Being visually impaired it collects all that I don't see.
  3. Economical, environmentally friendly, easy to use, not labour intensive so saves time, husband will use it, it gives great results and I love it!
  4. I clean at a caravan park and they use Ha-Ra and I'm telling you this stuff saves time and it’s streak free every time! Love it!!
  5. Its claim to be faster, greener, cleaner and then following through with high quality items at affordable prices.
  6. It makes the tedious task of cleaning easier. With everyone being time poor, this is what got me.
  7. It's chemical free - the kids love helping me clean (!) so I can relax with Ha-Ra knowing it won't hurt them.
  8. Durability of product - I have had my initial order for almost 10 years and I am sure will last another 10!!
  9. I'm chronically ill so for me it's the fact that Ha-Ra is an effective cleaning system that does prevent exposure to harmful toxic chemicals!
  10. The money back guarantee has to be my top selling point - why wouldn't I give it a try?
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