The magic window system

The Ha-Ra window cleaner is ingenious as it allows you to clean windows, mirrors, flat glazed stone bench tops and glass tables with ease. 


The Ha-Ra window cleaner is also very water efficient making it perfect for use in locations where water restrictions are in place. 


And easy to use!!!  No flipping over of the window cleaner to squeegee off, simply tilt to a different angle and off you go.  Large window areas, glass pool fences all taken care of in a breeze.



Information For Use

1. wet the window cleaner and apply two or three drops of protective formula 

2. wipe over the surface with the fiber to clean 

3. squeegee off excess water using the rubber strip 

4. remove any remaining streaks using the hara brilliant polishing cloth.

Care Instructions

Rinse out window cleaner under running water.

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