The clean air we breathe

Recent research indicates that numerous domestic products we use daily, from shampoos to laundry cleaners, contain hormone disruptors and chemical substances associated with asthma. Some of these components aren’t even mentioned on the labels.

The study, financed by the Silent Spring Institute and released in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives, examined common domestic products in addition to ones promoted as healthier “alternatives.”

Ingredients linked to asthma for which the experts tested included phthalates, fragrances, glycol ethers, and ethanolamines. But as this research reported, you might not always see these compounds named on the labels.

In this study, scientists revealed potentially dangerous elements in all 42 conventional product samples and in 32 of the 43 alternative product samples. They reported the highest concentrations in vinyl products like pillow protectors and shower curtains, perfumed products like air fresheners and dryer sheets, as well as sunscreen.  


The significant levels of adverse chemicals found in pillow protectors is particularly worrying for people with asthma who may try to use pillow protectors to reduce their exposure to dust mites.

It isn’t the first time domestic chemicals have been connected to respiratory problems. Previous research found that air fresheners and scented candles can worsen asthma signs and even bring on attacks.

This report adds to the indications that safety trials for consumer product compounds are inadequate and need to be updated, consumers need better guidelines about precisely what is in the products they use every day.

So keep checking product labels! And until they get as detailed as these experts suggest, do what you can to reduce your exposure to chemicals if they seem to trigger your asthma symptoms. This is why we only use natural oils like eucalyptus with our Ha-Ra microfibre glove and floor pads.

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