Teaching children to clean

We believe it is vitally important that children learn from an early age that cleaning doesn't have to mean spraying or using chemicals, but can be a quick, easy and even fun task. Learning this early on can mean a lifetime of good habits, healthy and safe surroundings and environmentally responsible behaviour.

A great article we found from Lifestyle.com.au shares tips on how to encourage children to participate in household chores and cleaning up after themselves. Follow these tips and arm your kids with some Ha-Ra gloves and you might find that all the housework is done in half the time, leaving you more time for what you'd rather be doing!


Any parenting expert will tell you it's never too early to put routines and rules in place for your child, as the sooner they develop good habits, the sooner they can help you out around the house!

One of the best things to teach your kids from an easy age is to clean up after themselves and help with general home maintenance. This teaches children accountability and responsibility - and can help give you a much-needed break when you simply can't face doing the dusting.

Plus, many kids enjoy basic cleaning routines as it makes them feel more grown up.

Take a look at these cleaning tips to get your kids off the couch and helping out around the home.

Designate a space 

Kids who feel a sense of ownership over a particular space, whether it's a corner of a room, a shelf or their own bedroom, are more likely to want to keep it clean and tidy. Give them the opportunity to help decorate it (even if it's just arranging cushions on a couch) and tell them it's up to them to look after it.

Make a chore checklist

A checklist can be a great way to encourage kids to clean and monitor their progress. A fun laminated chart can outline which jobs need to be done by which child each week, with a sticker awarded for every completed task. Once a child collects ten stickers he or she could receive a treat of your choosing.

Lend a hand

It can be hard to be completely hands-off when it comes to your kids' cleaning, so don't worry if you feel compelled to help out, especially with the younger members of your family. Spend 15 or so minutes showing your child how a task can be completed and start them off on the right track, them leave them to complete it. Come back to check on them and provide guidance if needed.

Sourced from:  http://www.lifestyle.com.au/diy/encourage-your-kids-to-clean.aspx

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