Surprising uses for the window & screen kit

If there’s one thing I like more than a product that works, it’s a product that works for a whole range of different things. If I can recycle and reuse something, again and again, for years to come then I’m a happy chappy. 


I’ve recently been trialling the Ha-Ra® Window and Screen Kit and have found that it can be used for far more than just cleaning your windows and screens! Coupled with the fact that all you need to add is a little water and elbow grease, I’ve fallen in love. 

If you’re not familiar with the kit, it contains: Window Cleaner 32cm (squeegee), Rollfix Protective Formula, Green Glove, Star Polishing Cloth.


I took this kit on a test drive across many areas inside and outside my home and these are the many uses I uncovered:

  • Inside and outside your windows (obviously) - Window Cleaner
  • Fly screens and mesh – Green Glove
  • Car wind screens and windows – Window Cleaner, Star Polishing Cloth
  • Car hubcaps – Green Glove
  • Garage doors – Green Glove
  • Boats and caravans – Window Cleaner and Green Glove, Star Polishing Cloth for shining up mirrors
  • Glass pool fences (great to get rid of all the splash marks from the pool water) - Window Cleaner
  • Shower screens - Window Cleaner
  • Mirrors – especially good for the full length mirror wardrobe doors that can sometime be hard to reach or leave streak-free - Window Cleaner
  • Tiled splashbacks - Window Cleaner
  • Glass tabletops and flat benches (if there’s no clutter) can be cleaned with the Window Cleaner
  • Remove mould on bathroom doors and walls – Green Glove
  • Remove mould and dirt around patio/outdoor areas, BBQ and cover, outdoor furniture and stone – Green Glove
  • Door and window runners/tracks and ledges – Green Glove
  • Remove dirt and mould from pergolas – Green Glove
  • Timber doors and furniture – Green Glove and Star Polishing Cloth
  • Remove dirt and mould from front doors – Green Glove
  • Fans – Green Glove
  • All shiny surfaces can be dried off with the Star Polishing Cloth incl. stainless steel fridges, dishwashers, taps, mirrors and wash basins
  • Shine up glasses and crockery – Star Polishing Cloth
  • Bathtub – Star Polishing Cloth


It’s a pretty impressive list right?  I was impressed and felt confident knowing that I’d cleaned all these areas without chemicals and without risk of negatively affecting my family, environment or health.  


I’d love to hear how you use your Window and Screen Kit, let me know in the comments below.






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