Stuck for what to buy for christmas?

Aside from Ha-Ra making fantastic gifts for those you love, who you know would dearly love to cut down the amount of time that they spend cleaning... there are ideas out there that you may not have thought of - especially if you think that things have gotten a bit too commercial and you don't want to play that game... or spend bucket loads of money.


Let's start with Ha-Ra though...


How about a green glove?  It makes cleaning screens a BREEZE, inside and out.  And that's not all this magic little glove does, it's multi talented!  Now this is effortless cleaning.  At just $52, this glove will repay itself time and time again. 


Another thing we just LOVE at Ha-Ra is the brilliant polishing cloth.  Another fabulous gift idea and at $32, it too will fast become an essential part of the daily and weekly cleaning regime.


How about a nice little bathroom kit...  for $93 you can give a hedghog cloth and brilliant polishing cloth to keep that bathroom sparkling!


For me, hands down the best gift I could get this Christmas would be the floor system.  This one does not come cheap but at $287 it includes the handle, a dry floor pad and hedgehog floor pad.  And I have heard of people having these floor pads for TWELVE years... not kidding!  


Multi purpose kit    


Now, at the risk of providing you with another great gift idea that you may find even more attractive, this is what I got for a few family members last year.  


I went to... to buy gifts that kept on giving, for people who need them and appreciate them that much more.  Prices start at $12 for a pack of seeds right up to gifts of an alpaca, a bicycle or a couple of goats.  The gift is for a person or family in an underprivileged area and is bought in the recipient's name and they get a card to that effect.  This an American site so you need to get on to it quick ... OR you can go to the Australian site


Enjoy your Christmas shopping... it shouldn't be a chore!

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