Shiny, clean and fresh floors with Ha-Ra® Floor Pads

It will leave your floors fresh and clean with minimum effort. Its chemical free, low cost and so easy to use, that it’s child play. We’ve cleaning pads for most floor surfaces, inside and out – including wood, vinyl, terracotta, cork and marble. All you need are the patent fibre-cleaning pads designed for your floor surface and the flexible Floor Express to hold the pad in place. You can quickly clean large open areas and difficult to reach spaces under and around furniture.


Just add two drops of Protective Formula, which is pH neutral, to 5 litres of water and immerse the pad into the water. Wring out the pad, fibre to fibre and you are ready to glide over your floor. Ha-Ra have a full range of cleaning kits for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, windows and screens, outdoors, your car and almost any application. The results will amaze you. 

The Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Systems are flexible and timesaving.
They are hand made from woven material and reinforced to keep their shape throughout their long life. Using water only, the floor pad will remove old detergent build up to reveal cleaner, fresher floors. The Ha-Ra Floor Express is made from high grade stainless steel and the handle from strong aluminium. Another special feature of the Floor Express is its ability to rotate in all directions. It eliminates bending and cleans kickboards and skirting boards easily.

Dry Yellow Floor Pad is used dry as a pre-clean to pick up loose dirt, dust and fluff from all floors, it’s also effective on walls and ceilings. Use an S motion and its natural static electricity will collect and remove the material. After use, shake or brush the pad outdoors. Alternatively vacuum clean.  
 Click here and find out how to remove dust.  

Immerse the pads listed below in water with added protective formula, to moisten the fibres. If the floor is very dirty, rinse and repeat until surface is clean.

Ultra Floor Pad is used to clean heavily soiled, rough or uneven floors. It loosens old detergent build up and grime to reveal cleaner floor surfaces.
 Click here and find out how to remove build up.  

White Floor Pad (Short or Long) is used to collect the excess moisture and grime to ensure floors dry without streaks.
The longer fibres will clean grouting and small crevices. 
 Click here and find out how to absorb dirt & dry off 

Green Floor Pad is used to collect grime, moisture and dirt from rough floors or unglazed tiles.
It can be used after the scrub floor pad to collect the loosened dirt. Great for indoor and outdoor maintenance. 
 Click here to find out how to remove mould & dirt. 

Mach 6 Floor Pad is Ha-Ra’s latest development using high tech fibres to clean and maintain smooth floors like ceramic tiles, marble and shiny timber. 
 Click here to find out how to clean shiny floors. 

Hedgehog Gold Floor Pad is the heavy duty commercial version of the Hedgehog series, made from very thick, soft, nanofibre structure with more than 69 million individual nanofibres, each carrying 6 to 7 times their own weight in water. The Hedgehog Gold has intense cleaning power - when moving the pad, the nanofibres' design bursts the bubbles of water between the capillaries of the individual fibres for increased cleaning power. 
 Click here to find out how to clean non-slip floors. 

Hedgehog Soft Floor Pad is the household version of the Hedgehog floor series. 

Pure White Floor Pad is suitable for a fast, steak-free clean on smooth & high-gloss floors. When you wipe a surface with the Pure White Pad and its Nano-Fibres it makes water bubbles burst, creating high intensity cleaning power. The Pad is highly absorbent, you will easily remove any dirt and bacteria.

Maintenance of the Ha-Ra floor pads is simple - machine wash and air dry.
We recommend all purpose Saponella Washing Powder. 


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