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Connie Page is a well-known Medical Herbalist, Speaker and Writer who lives on the Sunshine Coast. 


She tells us that household cleaners are not just bad for the environment.


We all know of the damaging effects that chemicals, including household cleaners, have on our environment. Have you ever thought about your own body, the effect of bleach through skin contact or inhalation?

The sparkling kitchen bench, shiny stove, clean bathrooms can all have damaging effects on your health.


They work like nicotine and HRT patches

Like the chemicals/hormones absorbed via the skin, chemical household cleaners can enter your blood stream just by coming in contact with them. Inhaling the fumes of some household cleaners is just as damaging as skin contact. Wearing gloves or a mask, while cleaning doesn’t give you good enough protection.


As these chemicals are broken down in your body, they mimic the effect of oestrogen. Your body doesn’t recognize the unnatural ‘oestrogen’ and reacts to it as if it was your own natural hormone. This creates an environment that is rich in oestrogen.


Disorders known to thrive in an oestrogen rich environment include endometriosis, infertility, breast and cervical cancer.


Your body eventually recognizes that there’s too much oestrogen in your blood and begins to filter excess hormones and toxins via the liver, and eliminates them as waste via the kidney and bowels.


Unfortunately, unless you do a regular liver cleanse or detox, your liver gets tired. Sluggish liver function can lead to an accumulation of toxins. Toxicity can cause inflammation, which is your body’s aim to heal itself.


Chronic inflammation, as a result of toxicity, can lead to allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis and cancer.


By creating a toxin free environment in your home, you greatly improve the health of your whole family, and are kind to our natural surroundings.


Connie Page is a well-known Medical Herbalist, Speaker and Writer who lives on the Sunshine Coast. She runs a busy Clinic in Peregian Beach and specializes in Natural Infertility and Cancer Support. Connie also uses Progressive Kinesiology to identify environmental toxins, food sensitivities, overload of toxins and much more.


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