Plan your christmas holiday with Trublu travelling

We have something a little different for you this week in Ha-Ra Life. With the Christmas holidays here already for many and just around the corner for the rest of us we thought we would share a great travelling resource and trip planning tool that we have come across. 

TruBlu travelling is designed for travellers and allows you to plan your perfect adventure and have a"local experience everywhere you go". Profiling over 1500 towns and 60 regions, TruBlu travelling provides travellers with the details and community information they need.

The site offers:

  • Over 2000 parks, camping sites and cabins
  • Up-to-date calendar of annual festivals and events for each region and town
  • Up-to-date business directory for each town
  • Free membership to travellers with a host of benefits including
  • Tools to plan their trip
  • Traveller forums (coming soon)
  • Exclusive access to TruBlu deals (coming soon)
  • Competitions

The vision for this site was created by Narelle and Ian Rowe from their desire to have the information and tools to plan their trips in one central place. 

The aim of the site is to combine every facet of information that's relevant to regional Australian travellers planning a trip or arriving at a new destination.

The TruBlu team have travelled, researched and written all of the state and region content and are updating towns each week with local information that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. They write from a travellers perspective and that is what sets them apart! 

TruBlu travelling is a means of sharing information, spreading the word or shouting from the virtual rooftops about a great experience, place, activity or event.

With free membership it's easy to become a member of the TruBlu travelling family and enrich your own travelling experience and others!

You can visit their website or their Facebook page to find out more!

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