Paleo Cleaning with Ha-Ra®

"In an activated nutshell, The Paleo Way is literally the most natural dietary approach on earth, and the one most likely to support optimum physical and emotional health for the best quality of life. Paleo is all about balance – taking the best from our ancestors and mixing it with the best of the 21st Century." - Pete Evans

What is Paleo cleaning with Ha-Ra®?
Cleaning is 'the physical removal of organic material or soil from surfaces,’ In Other words you can clean with just a cloth and water. As defined by Pete Evans: The Paleo Way is taking the best from our ancestors (water) and mixing it with the best of the 21st Century (Ha-Ra® microfibre technology). After a lifetime of cleaning the ‘normal way’, you’re probably thinking 'Won’t there still be germs growing if you do not use chemicals as you have not sprayed any disinfectant on the surface?' But what you might not know is that if you have a totally dry, clean surface the germs cannot grow, much in the same way as if we as humans do not have food and water we cannot survive; bacteria cannot survive without water and nutrients. Remember: Using vinegar to clean is still using a chemical compound and isn’t actually helping as it only provides one part of the cleaning process – the acid. For total cleaning system you require an acid and an alkaline. Tests have shown that the physical removal of bacteria and micro-organisms by scrubbing is actually more effective than the anti-microbial effect of cleaning agents used (killing bacteria).

Back in the ancient days cave men cleaned using sand, grass and water to clean and wash. Paleo cleaning is the removal of organic substances by using microfibres and water. This is the modern alternative to using unnecessary chemicals that are dangerous to ourselves and the environment.

How to start your Ha-Ra® Paleo clean?
The Paleo diet consists of fresh and organic products and Paleo cleaning of fresh & clean water. Most people store huge supplies of non-Palo food in pantry and kitchen cupboards. You probably have a lot of cleaning out to do. For the Paleo diet you get rid of all your processed food from cereals, flour, grains, rice, noodles, corn, cornflakes, muesli, buckwheat, potato chips, cookies, crackers, canned foods, salad dressings, mustards and sauces. For the Ha-Ra® Paleo cleaning you do the same: De-clutter your environment. 

From inhaling toxic fumes from under the sink, to being surrounded by all those detergents, dishwashing products or even walking down the isle in the super market, your body’s immune system is being constantly tested and weakened. Even putting your hands in detergents while washing the dishes will cause leaching through your skin into your blood circulation. The first step to change is to REMOVE all harmful agents from your house starting with dirty old sponges and mops to window sprays and bathroom cleaners and any other chemical cleaning product. 

Create a healthy environment & home step by step. Ha-Ra® has developed a range of products that clean your home with nothing more than advanced fibre technology and some H20. All products are designed to eradicate bacteria and give you a better than professional clean in half the time. They are environmentally-friendly, chemical free and guaranteed to last! 

Test the Ha-Ra® quality for yourself, watch this introduction video and get started with a small kit including our two most popular products. The Mach 6 Glove and the Star Polishing Cloth. We are confident about our Ha-Ra® KITCHEN HEROES. All Ha-Ra® products are backed up by a 100% TRIPLE GUARANTEE. 

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