On the job

Well, it was time to sneak out on to a work site and get some photos of the 'Green Team' at work.  A builders' clean at Sunshine Beach was the perfect opportunity.  With everyone hard at it and dressed in their greens, it made for some great photos although their enthusiasm for being snapped is not quite up there with their enthusiasm for getting the job done.


Bindy, seen here using the green glove on the runners, is always moving and with her years of experience selling and using Ha-Ra is like lightning on the job.  She says she doesn't need a gym... the hard work and movement is all done right here!

The Green Glove



Surface Application

Screens, security doors, cars, wheels, boats, outdoor furniture, pergolas, window ledges, tracks and runners, louvres, garage doors or the removal of brake dust and sand... this is one GREAT glove!!


Information For Use

Immerse the glove in water and wring out, if there are large amounts of dirt more water may be required.


Care Instructions

Simply rinse out excess dirt and then use washing machine.  NOTE: do NOT use fabric softener, wash below 40 degrees C

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