No matter your cleaning problem - Ha-Ra has a chemical-free answer!

Have you discovered the quality of Ha-Ra yet? Our Floor Pads and cloths are up to 5x thicker than copies. We have pioneered a commercial & domestic product range that has the ability to clean faster and easier than ever before and eliminate the use of chemicals - No matter your cleaning problem - Ha-Ra has the answer!  

Tests conducted in Australian Laboratories (Medvet Food & Environment Laboratory and Bernhard Heath Microbiology) have shown the Ha-Ra® cleaning fibres to be as effective as chemical sanitizing systems in the reduction of micro-organisms on contaminated surfaces. Additionally the fibre products were shown to simplify cleaning as they remove dirt particles at the same time as removing bacteria. Tests also showed there was little ‘carry over’ from the cloths, that is the bacteria and organisms remained trapped in the fibres and were removed easily when rinsed in water. 

Ha-Ra® products are designed to work together as a system to clean surfaces, pick up dirt and bacteria, as well as dry and polish, removing the need to purchase expensive, noxious chemicals - only using the best of our ancestors (water) and the best of the 21st Century.  

Join our stockist network of individuals and businesses who are proud to be involved in our mission to provide Australia with environmentally-friendly and high-quality cleaning supplies for the domestic & commercial market. Simply sign up here to receive your DIGITAL INFO PACK by completing your details. 

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