New year resolutions

Welcome to 2014, we are coining this the year of the green clean!


As you all know now is the time to make your New Year’s Resolution, to make a promise to yourself to do something you want to do, something that is important to you, perhaps something life-changing.

The team at Ha-Ra® believes that everyone has the opportunity to make their lives better, safer, happier and healthier and there are many ways to do this, the first step is making the decision. As you decide on what you will do with the year ahead of you we ask our guest bloggers to share their thoughts on New Year resolutions and what they will be making of 2014.


Louise – this year I resolve to spend less time doing annoying tasks and chores, and spend more time with my family. I want to make some traditions of regular family outdoor activities, special family meals and getting to see the kids’ school presentations.


Sheldon – this year I want to get ultra organised, focus on my career and get a promotion. I will be clean, organized, hygienic and prepared. I won’t get sick or waste time as this will take away from my career progression so I will surround myself with the tools, methods and people to assist me in my venture.


Chris – this year I will work on improving every facet of my home, work and life to make them more healthy, organic, chemical-free and safe. I want to surround myself with positive and beneficial things and will do a lot of research and exploring to find answers to my many questions on health, nutrition, chemicals, allergies, and environmental damage. And I will share my ideas and findings with my community so they too can benefit. 


Ha-Ra® has a resolution to share the message of chemical-free fibre cleaning to improve our environment, to rid Australian homes of unnecessary and dangerous chemicals, and to give Australian’s back more time to spend on what they’d rather be doing.


Here’s to a great 2014, the year of the green clean!


What will you do with your New Year?

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