New Partnership with Manuel Montt - Organic & Australian made Kids Clothing

Ha-Ra Australia is proud to announce the partnership with Manuel Montt - your organic and Australian made Kids Clothing brand based in Sydney. This is an Interview with the founders Clare & Glenn. 

Please tell us about your business? What is the story behind Manuel Montt?
Manuel Montt is a labour of love brought to you by Clare & Glenn - high school sweethearts, now married with a one year old wildling. Wanting only the best for our little guy and alarmed to learn about the toxic inks and fabrics often used in children's clothing (adults too), we were inspired to create our own label. Enter Manuel Montt. 100% organic cotton, Australian made, sweat shop free, tees and onesies for your precious ones, hand printed with love by us in Sydney, Australia, using only the safest, non-toxic inks.        

Manuel Montt is the name of the street in Santiago, Chile, where Glenn's Grandparents lived. He has the fondest childhood memories of visiting there and whenever all the family get together and share stories it's always "remember in Manuel Montt...." So naturally it was the first name he thought of for our label.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced becoming an sustainable business and living a green lifestyle with your family?  
The biggest challenge we've faced in becoming a sustainable business is locating an Australian kids clothing manufacturer that was organic but also offered the sort of styles we were after. To launch our winter line we purchased organic fabrics and found a wonderful seamstress to join our team instead. 

How did you find out about Ha-Ra? - Chemical free cleaning?
We found out about Ha-Ra through the wonderful Instagram community. Got chatting and decided to visit them on our Noosa holiday recently to find out more. 

Big companies have hypnotized everyone into believing “toxic chemicals = clean. We both know this is not true! How would you describe in your own words how Ha-Ra works? 
The way we would say Ha-Ra works is through their efficient microfibres which easily clean away all the dirt & grime on most surfaces with the addition of a little water only, absolutely no toxic chemicals. By cleaning so efficiently, there's no chance for bacteria and mould to grow. You get a better clean in half the time!

You are one of our various business partners and an Online Agents at the same time. Did you find it easy to enrol into the program? What are the mature benefits? 
Enrolling online was very simple and straightforward. We benefit by joining forces with another green company. It's so important for all of us to link arms and educate others on the simple ways they can make more conscious choices on a day to day basis. 

Why would you recommend Ha-Ra to other families and businesses?
We would recommend Ha-Ra to other families and businesses because it's eliminating nasty chemicals from homes and workplaces, it's more sustainable, saves money, and saves time. 

What is your tip to help families reduce their chemical exposure? 
Obviously our top tip to help families reduce their chemical exposure would be to give Ha-Ra a try. After that, have a look at the products you use on your skin, hair, your makeup, perfume etc. Avoid anything with ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Paraben, Talc, Musks, Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), Toluene, Mineral oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum.

What is your green goal for the future?
Our green goal for the future is to help people make more conscious decisions such as thinking about who made their clothes, where their meal came from, etc. Cheaper may seem better on the surface but someone somewhere is paying for it. Just small changes here and there can make a massive impact. 

Clare and Glenn, thank you for joining our GREEN MISSION and becoming an official Ha-Ra® partner.
We are looking forward to many interesting and fun projects in the future. 

Anyone that signs up to the Manuel Montt mailing list on their website will automatically be sent a code for 10% off. 


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