Is your home making you sick?

The polluted air comes from things like dust, mould spores, furniture, electrical items like computers and even the paint on your walls! The government’s Department of the Environment admits we don’t know the long term effects of constant exposure to mixtures of these chemicals, but common health problems that result from exposure to poor indoor air quality include: sensory and skin irritation; neurotoxic symptoms; hypersensitivity and odour and taste symptoms.

We have put together some tips for you to help reduce the impact of the pollutants in the air of your home and office

  • Grow indoor plants - they are living air cleaners to help remove pollutants from your home
  • Open your doors and windows to let fresh air in and create cross breezes to blow those pollutants out!
  • When you buy new appliances or furniture try to air them in an outside area before placing them into your home to reduce the pollutant load from them going directly into your home.
  • If you paint a room try to close it off from the rest of the home and open the window to let the fumes disperse. There are also new paints available that have less pollutants in them.
  • Make sure you remove as much dirt, dust and mould as you can from your home. Ha-Ra products are great for this as they don’t use any chemicals.

The team at Ha-Ra

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