How toxic are your cleaning supplies and what are the best chemical-free alternatives?

Even putting your hands in detergents while washing the dishes will cause leaching through your skin into your blood circulation. If you’re already feeling ill at the thought of this, imagine what is happening inside your body! The first step to change is to REMOVE all harmful agents from your house starting with dirty old sponges and mops to window sprays and bathroom cleaners and any other commercial cleaning product.

Chemicals... a new trend of harm:

  • Since World War II 700,000 new chemicals have been introduced, developed out of chemical warfare. That’s 250 billion pounds of synthetic chemicals produced each year and thousands are appearing in every day products on supermarket shelves. We are the first generation to grow up with extremely high levels of chemicals in the home.
  • The Environmental Protection Authority reported that toxic chemicals found in every home are three times more likely to cause cancer than airborne pollutants.
  • Most disinfectants, by nature, are potentially harmful or even toxic to humans or animals.
  • Tests have shown that the intensive use of chemicals is a contributing factor to the growth of super-bugs.
  • Using vinegar to clean is still using a chemical compound and isn’t actually helping as it only provides one part of the cleaning process – the acid. For a total cleaning system you require an acid and an alkaline.
  • Detergents leave a film on surfaces, which are therefore not clean, and can actually be damaging to your furniture, benches, floors and equipment.
  • Many popular cleaning products only remove surface dirt and don’t eradicate the germ-growing bacteria.

Tests have shown that the physical removal of bacteria and micro-organisms by scrubbing is actually more effective than the anti-microbial effect of cleaning agents used (killing bacteria). Why would you buy single-use cleaning products instead over reusing a quality product over many years? Join the Ha-Ra Tribe today and try one of our 6 chemical-free Cleaning Kits, which will prove how long-lasting our product range really is. 

 6 chemical-free Cleaning Kits on Special 

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