How To Spring Clean Your Bathroom 2018

The problem is most people believe cleaning is hard work and requires mountains of chemicals and detergents to do the job right. This is definitely what the clever marketing companies want you to believe, in order to sell you more and more products full of harmful chemicals. 

Some of the ingredients in antibacterial soaps are actually pesticides and used to kill bugs.
Most of them aren't even effective at killing viruses or bacteria. Various chemical companies have made a fortune pushing their "evil bacteria ads". The problem is that what most people believe about cleaning is that it is hard work and requires mountains of chemicals and detergents to do the job right. This is more the message of clever marketing companies dedicated to selling you more and more products usually comprised of harmful chemicals cocktails to do a job that is never done. It's very simple: A clean and dry surface can't grow any bacteria! And the more detergent you smear on a surface the more sticky it gets to attract dust and dirt in the long run. 

Check your personal care products for parabens 
Parabens can be found in most common personal-care products and are considered a risk for cancer. Check before buying any products and ditch it if it contains anything ending in "-aben." 

Try to avoid PVC
Your shower or bath curtain could be made of PVC. PVC contains phthalates. Phthalates are toxic chemicals used to make flexible plastics. They can produce some adverse effects inside your body like reproductive disorder and breathing difficulties. It would be best to shop for a cotton, hemp or canvas alternative. 

Say no - to chemical cleaners in the bathroom! 
Residues can be left behind by bathroom cleaners containing hazardous ingredients. You have probably experienced difficulties in breathing, nasty fumes and the occasional headache from using a new bathroom or toilet spray that promises to work super-easy. Headaches are your body's way of telling you "Stay away from this, it isn't good for you." 

Only use natural air fresheners 
Air fresheners could contain pesticides. Some air fresheners can mask bad odors by inhibiting your nose's ability to smell them. They're not getting rid of anything except your nose's abiltiy to smell. A better and safer solution is aromatherapy or essential oils. You could also hang a spring of dried eucalyptus from your shower head. The steamy water will activate the natural essential oils. 


chemical-free Bathroom Cleaning Kit


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