How to Clean Security Screens and Fly Screens

The Ha-Ra Green Glove is a MUST for really dirty, rough surfaces: It is a screen and window track dirt buster. This glove can handle any tough job you can think of, just add water. If there are large amounts of dirt add extra water, no chemicals needed. 

Many cheap cleaning products are produced in low wage countries like China and India. Ha-Ra's German quality lasts for years. Thats why we promote quality over quantity! The directors of Ha-Ra Australia believed in Ha-Ra's durability and environmentally friendly products and owned a green cleaning business that used the same products without replacement for 15 years. People who have tried the Green Glove once would never use a different product to clean their screens. 

Selected Crimsafe and Screen Suppliers around Australia have recommended the Ha-Ra® Green Glove over the past 12 years to provide an easy, safe and chemical-free option to clean security screens with just adding water.
You can find a video of a screen supplier using the Green Glove product here: 
This is one of our Green Gloves in action: 
Ha-Ra is designed to last for many years and has earned itself a commercial-grade reputation 
with only featuring 5 star reviews via Google & Facebook:

Noela: "Wow!!!! My sister in law and I bought both the gloves and SURPRISE, SURPRISE !!!!! I never thought water only would clean the grease off the Range Hood. What a fantastic product the Ultra Glove. Lyn and I also washed our cars with the Green Glove with only a half a bucket of water. Wow!!!! the glass is fantastic and to only wash them out with Sunlight Soap is amazing. Have told a few people about these products not sure they believe me but I will certainly be using them on more things around the house. Windows and screens will be next after our holidays."

Kevin: "Best cleaning product! This was my first Hara product after seeing someone else use one. They are the best thing I've ever used for cleaning. Highly recommended. So good I've gone out and bought more products."

Chris: "I have only just been introduced to Ha Ra and one of the products I bought was the green glove. Wow, I use this on the outside furniture for the dust and bird poo and the green glove brings them back up like new. I just cant believe how easy it is with no scrubbing and no maintenance to the cloth other than just throwing in the washing machine."

Maree: "Ha Ra are the best Chemical Free Cleaning Products I have been using for 14 Yrs and all cleaning products are brilliant. I love the green glove for screens and security doors brings them up like new."

Mitchel: "Excellent I have used the Ha-Ra green glove many times for cleaning my security screens & it works an absolute treat. Screens come up like brand new, highly recommend."

Rosalind: "I have been using Hara Products for close to 20 years The Green Glove is amazing, I have used one for that long as well. I must say that all the Hara products I have used, have not disappointed. I would recommend this to anyone. Over the years I have taken some of the products for my family in the States and they love them as well, especially the Green Glove."

Diana: "16 years I have just replaced my green glove after 16 (yes that many) years I have cleaned screens cars All outdoor furniture and even the dogs beds." 

Katrin: "Great quality! This is my favourite Ha-Ra product - perfect for security screens!"


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