How to clean dirty & greasy Microfibres, Gloves and Clothes in a Heartbeat

The easiest way to clean your Microfibres, Gloves and Cloths is to rinse them under running water, so all the heavy dirt comes out and then simply throw it into the washing machine at the end of the day. You can treat Ha-Ra Gloves simply like a towel - just never use fabric softener with the washing process as this could destroy the fibres.


Ha-Ra's high-quality Cloths and Gloves should never be soaked or cleaned in nappy sand or washing powder that contains bleach. The cloth should not be washed in temperature more than 40 degrees. Do not dry in the dryer or hang in direct hot sunlight. To clean greasy and very dirty Microfibres we recommend using the good old fashion laundry soap Sunlight Soap. 


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