How to clean blinds, awnings and shutters plus keep them cleaner for longer!

Window blinds collect dust and debris quite easily, and they aren't the easiest household item to clean. There is noneed to take them down and wash them or use a vacuum cleaner if you have one of our chemical-free Ha-Ra Gloves handy. 

Rule 1: Throw away the feather duster. These only spread the dust around instead of absorbing particles into the fabric and cleaning the surface properly. You will only move the dust form the blinds onto the next cupboard. 

Rule 2: Microfibre cleaning, using only water, removes the dirt and dust and leaves behind a dry, clean surface. And no chemical residue! (which would attrack more dirt and dust down the track!) 

Only a thin layer of dust
Check how dirty your blinds are. If it is just a little dust layer it would be best to use the Ha-Ra Dry Yellow GloveIt will remove dust easily and keep any loose particles from flying around with a simple wipe. It's made of a secret fibre (not a micro fibre) and ideal to clean shutters & blinds and is recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers. Its easy to use - rub gently to activate the charge and then gently move over the blinds to be cleaned. It should only be used dry. 

Debis & Mould build-up: 
If your blinds haven't been cleaned for a while or might even have some mould build up (bathrooms) on it, we recommend our powerful Natura Cloth. Starting with closed blinds, dampen the Natura Cloth with water and move it along the length of every blind. Repeat the process with the blinds turned in the opposite direction to clean the other side. If your blinds are very dirty, rinse the Natura Cloth and wring it out periodically to ensure you aren't trying to clean the blinds with more dirt.

How to clean blinds

how to clean awnings



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