How to chemical-free clean your Windows & Glass areas in 3 easy steps

Scrub down your security screens and dirty doors with a damp strong fibre to remove dirt and grease. Simply massage the fibres into the screen's indentations and rinse and repeat until your fibre comes back clean. You don't have to detach the screens or make a mess rinsing, you'll also save water by not having to hose down the screens.

Use a damp fibre glove to clean window frames, runners and tracks of droppings, cobwebs and dust. Just dampen the glove with some water and wipe the surfaces. The glove protects your fingers so you can get in the grooves and tracks.

3. CLEANING STEP To clean your window glass use a damp fibre system and wipe over the surface until the dirt has been loosened. Dry off the glass with a rubber blade to remove all moisture and to prevent water spots and new dirt from sticking.

chemical-free window cleaning


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