Hi I'm Chris

Hi there, I’m Chris, one of the new guest bloggers for Ha-Ra Australia and I’m excited to share my thoughts, experiences and opinions on cleaning in environmentally-friendly ways.


I am passionate about the environment and making sure we humans don’t destroy it out of laziness, ignorance or worse, intentional acts of destruction.

I am always searching for better options, better methods and more positive ways to live my life so that I do not negatively impact my community, my health or my environment… so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Ha-Ra! I first learned of the company through a friend who suffered from terrible hay fever and dust allergies and fell in love with Ha-Ra products as they helped her achieve and maintain a dust-free environment whilst also doing away with harsh chemicals that only aggravated her condition. I was skeptical at first but after trialling some products I soon understood what my friend saw in these products.


As I am only new to the Ha-Ra way I will be learning and exploring with you and sharing my experiences along the way as I trial new products, face new challenges and test some new methods. I am confident that Ha-Ra will surprise and delight me with its possibilities, and you’ll be the first to hear about it. 


Well it’s time that I roll up my sleeves and get stuck into this cleaning business. First task - tackling the kitchen… wish me luck, I’ll report back soon!


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