Ha-Ra's Cleaning Advent Calendar

Our Cleaning Advent Calender will be updated daily on our Facebook page. However, we received many requests from our clients to access the calender outside of Facebook. Please find the daily tips & tricks below: 

1. Forget the grimaces and grime as you don’t need toxic chemicals. Mrs Sparkle recommends just using the magic Ha-Ra® Ultra Glove while you are having a shower. Just push the Glove around with your foot - its so easy and voila - your shower is clean as a whistle! 
2. Cookie Crumbs everywhere before Christmas. You may need a Sapphire Cloth that works like a magnet and absorbs these particles into the fabric.
3. Fluffy towels make your bathroom feel like a five-star hotel. Toss towels in the wash with our natural Saponella to refresh and soften them up.
4. Don’t have time for a full-on bathroom cleaning? Me either. Swish the toilet bowl with the brush and 2 drops of Protective Formula to make it sparkle. (Seriously!)
5. So, how are we going to clean different floor surfaces covered in cookie crumbs & Christmas glitter in an environmentally-friendly way? 1. PRE-CLEAN WITH THE DRY YELLOW DUSTER 2. SCRUB & ABSORB DIRT WITH THE HEDGHOG SOFT
6. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, stuffing, cranberry sauce, extra booze… Maybe you find it a bit of a squeeze fitting all those extra Christmas goodies into a kitchen that’s already rammed full? Time to clear out your kitchen cupboards. The Sapphire Cloth is a fantastic helper to assist with this task. 
7. Don’t leave it until Boxing Day before you realise there’s nowhere for your kids’ shiny new toys to go. Attack the toy box and make space for the new in the weeks leading up to Christmas by donating any unused playthings to charity. It’s a great way to get kids into the giving mood of the season while also benefitting others. Plus, they’ll probably be more willing to part with their old toys if they know they’ve got new treats coming soon from Santa. Cleaning them is super-easy and fast with the Natural Cloth or Mach 6 Glove. 
8. Many people choose to decorate their homes with artificial Christmas trees. Unfortunately, artificial trees will accumulate dust from being on display in December or in storage for months at a time. If you find your tree to be too dirty and dusty to hang your decorations on, it might be time to give it a good clean. So put the Yellow Gloves on and dust your Christmas Tree, Louvers, Blinds or even your antique furniture in no time. 
9. Christmas cookies can do a number on your go-to baking sheet. If yours looks like it's seen better days, try Bindy's winning combo: Soak over night with 2 drops of Protective Formula. Together, they'll give your baking sheet a much-needed makeover. 
10. Add a fresh scent to the kitchen by cutting up a lemon and running a couple of small slices through the garbage disposal. (This is also a great trick to use just before guests arrive!)
11. Cleaning cloths pick up a lot of dirt and grime, especially if they’re left in the sink (always hang them up to dry). So you want to make sure you clean it frequently. Simply wash them in the washing machine (best with Saponella) and treat them like a towel. No fabric softener please! That can destroy the fibres. 
12. Cleaning the blinds. These are probably pretty dirty if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, so here’s an easy solution. Use the Dry Yellow Glove as it absorbs dust like a magnet in no time. 
13. Your home is soon going to be an aroma of various smells from all of the cooking that awaits. To avoid spraying your home with pungent chemicals, go au natural this Christmas by distributing bowls of hot water and vinegar throughout your home to leave overnight. Vinegar is not a second source of odour. The aroma dissipates quickly and takes more unpleasant odours with it at the same time. 
14. Artificial snow might seem like a great idea at first but it can be hard to clean up. Begin by gently removing the outer layer with a ceramic scraper. It would be wise to place a large sheet of wrapping paper on the ground below in order to catch the falling particles. Remove the greasy inside layer with the Ultra Glove or Cloth and follow up with the Window Cleaner and Star Polishing Cloth
15. Don't spoil a delicious Christmas dinner with tarnished silverware. Make your tines shinier than the star on top of your Christmas tree with a baking soda and salt bath followed up by the Brilliant Polish or Star Polishing Cloth
16. Make sure the Christmas table cloths are clean and ready to go for dinner time. Wash them with our natural Saponella and let them dry in the sun to brighten them up (if they are white). 
17. Get your BBQ looking clean as a whistle for the festive season. All you need is the Ha-Ra® Ultra Glove, grill brush, steel wool, bucket of hot water and a couple drops of our natural detergent called Protective Formula. Find out more here. 
18. Organize Christmas lights with cardboard. Once the holiday festivities are over, it's tempting to throw Christmas lights in a box, and call it a day. But that's a recipe for a tangled, messy disaster, which won't be fun to unravel next year. Instead, wrap the lights around pieces of cardboard.
19. Did you know a clean oven makes your food taste better? And you don’t have to fork out for foul-smelling oven cleaning products to make your oven sparkle, just use the powerful Ha-Ra® fibres in combination with some Protective Formula. Ready for the perfect Christmas roast!
20. Stainless steel appliances seem to be stained with fingerprints constantly. But to give them a good, clean shine, all you need is a Star Polishing Cloth and some water. If you really want to get your stainless steel super clean — depending on how big of a clean freak you are (I’m a big one…) — you can use a few drops of Protective Formula! Check out this video to see how it works.

21. As a general rule of thumb when cleaning your computer, avoid using paper products, don’t use harsh chemicals and never spray product directly on the screen. To clean your keyboard and screen take a microfiber cloth and wipe gently in a circular motion with only a little bit of water. 
22. Clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry to make room for the Christmas food. The Ultra Cloth & Sapphire Cloth are here to assist. 
23. Do all of your washing before guests arrive so you don’t have to do it whilst they’re there. Our natural Saponella is 99% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-pollutant. It is is manufactured from a naturally occurring soapstone that is ground to a powder and combined with an extract from the Saponella plant. Find out more here. 
24. Well done! You tackled all the chores just in time before Christmas. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from our team. 


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