Ha-Ra loves YOGA!

We at Ha-Ra love YOGA! That's why we are really proud to announce our new partnership with Cork Leaf. Christina Cavaco the founder behind this sustainable brand provides eco-friendly yoga mats which are biodegradable, meaning they can be safety returned to the earth after use – unlike conventional yoga mats, which are too often packed with synthetic plastics, chemicals and non-natural adhesives.

Cork is the perfect yoga companion, as its antimicrobial properties resist mould and mildew and kill sweaty smells. At the same time it's beautifully smooth and surprisingly grippy, too. 

Ha-Ra provides chemical-free cleaning solutions Australia-wide and promotes a healthy and green lifestyle for your entire home and the whole family. This also involves introducing new ideas and products which help you to archive a chemical-free and eco-friendly environment. 

Did you know that Cork Leaf plants a tree for every mat you buy! 

Purchase your new 100% biodegradable yoga mat with an exclusive 10% Ha-Ra® discount. Just use the code HARAYOGA at the checkout field (valid until 30 June 2016). 


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