Ha-Ra® at the Cleantech Effect Conference 2016

Over 180 cleantech businesses and cleantech implementers celebrated clean technology with Dr Karl at the Sunshine Coast Council event - The Cleantech Effect Conference on the 2th of July. He says it not to late to make a mark on our carbon foot print. We have to join hands and put all our efforts to educate society. If we can walk on the moon we should be able to preserve our planet. Every single idea to reduce carbon will help.

Green is a primarily a health-related issue that blends into the other topics of sustainability, pollution control, and conservation. By dividing out the topics properly, the plan of attack seem much more clear. To attack the issue in a methodic manner, businesses should considering "Going Green" first then moving into the sustainable issues. The early disdain for the word Green comes from the anti-business attitudes of ultra-conservationists that needed a target for their vitriol. Green is not an anti-business concept when properly understood. A Green business is one that is a good place for living things in the workplace, in the community, and in the world.

Together we are stronger! Many individuals and strong businesses joined our GREEN MISSION already. Join us or recommend a business which could benefit from a Partnership with us. 

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