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Thumbs up for our new partner Thermo Boutique - your brand when it comes to reducing plastic and disposable containers. We put our hands together to provide products and solutions which reduce landfill and give people sustainable and high-quality choices for their homes. This is an Interview with Founder Corrine. 

Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about the story and idea behind Thermo Boutique?
The team at Thermo Boutique are, first and foremost, lovers of food – good, clean, healthy, real food – and we are in the business of designing new ​​products to complement our passion.​ We are very conscious of our environment and wanted to produce products that will encourage people to use a lot less plastic while they are preparing, storing and transporting their food & meals.​ We love cooking and sharing our creations with others. As a result, we are devoted users of ​our ​insulated servers – Thermocub​e​®. ​We take our Thermo​cube® everywhere with us taking leftovers to work, salads to parties, and a nice meal to a friend’s house. This is the BEST way to keep your hot food hot, your cold food cold, and your fresh food fresh… for longer! ​We are very excited to continue expanding our innovative product range, and look forward to sharing with you our passion for practical, high-quality kitchenware.

You care about your impact on the planet, and so do we! Tell us how Thermo Boutique and Ha-Ra® customers can be part of it?
We can invest in these products and due to their high quality, they will last years and years. Think of all the plastic saved in this time and the paper towels, sponges and chux super wipes that won't be purchased. It pays to buy good products that last such a long time. You find also that you make your money back within a short time frame also and decrease your grocery bill! We want to make a difference and the more people who use our products, the better! ​

We both love good, clean and real food in a healthy home environment for the whole family.
How can our businesses help to achieve this and reduce environmental impacts at the same time? ​

Supporting local farmers, butchers and local fruit and vegetable shops. Meat, Veg and Fruit are all stored so well in the Thermocubes!​ Choose quality over quantity. It helps you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle for the whole family. 

Why do you think Thermo Boutique and Ha-Ra® is a great fit in general?
Explore how well the Ha-Ra® cloths clean the Thermo Boutique products. They are MADE for our products! Both companies are aimed at reducing the impact on our environment by designing products which reduce landfill and give people options on what better choices they can make in their homes. Ha-Ra® cleans the Thermocube beautifully without using any chemicals and also minimizes water being wasted! ​

What is the best Thermo Boutique product to get started?
​Depending on the size of your household. If you are a couple then the 1.2 litre would be perfect for a shared meal, leftovers or work lunches. If there are more than 2 people in a household, then the 2.6 litre thermocube is perfect for families who are cooking up a family meal. Our Thermoboss is wonderful for large cook-ups &/or BBQ's! ​

Which Ha-Ra® product did you try first?
I tested the professional Kitchen Heroes, Viva Ultra Cloth and Crystal Cloth. This little range is fantastic to use in the Kitchen. The Viva Ultra Cloth is great for stainless steel and the Crystal Cloth is a super-absorbent big tea towel to dry off and polish our whole product range in such an easy way. 

Could you share your top 3 tips for a healthier and greener home environment? ​
Stop using plastic to store and cover food.
Stop buying chux, papertowels and disposable cloths.
Stop buying plastic drink bottles which harm the environment and can also be toxic.

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