Getting back to work

If, like me, you just had two weeks off for the Christmas holidays and are heading back to work now you might not be too excited about the idea of working again but the idea of a fresh start might be more appealing.


My favourite part of getting back to the office for a new year is the fresh stationery, a new notebook, new projects and hopefully a clean inbox. 

To get the best start to the year I like to follow a little ritual on the first day back. After greeting everyone and catching up on holiday stories I get stuck into cleaning my desk and work space – before I even turn on the computer, answer a call or check any messages. This may be the only chance I get for a while to take time out and clean so I make the most of it.


My start of year office cleaning routine:

  1. Use a Natura Cloth, damp but well wrung out, to wipe around my desk, in my draws, shelves and window sills to remove all dust, dirt and finger marks.
  2. Wash out the Natura Cloth, wring it out well again and then add some Rollfix Protective Formula to clean phone receivers and button pads.
  3. I get out my Mach6 glove and dampen it a little but making sure no water is dripping out, then I run it back and forth over my computer keyboard to lift finger grime, dust and dirt from around the keys. 
  4. I use the Star Polish Cloth to dry off my keyboard so it’s ready to use and doesn’t collect any new dust. 
  5. I then offer my cleaning kit to my colleagues (I don’t often have any takers but I know they’re jealous of my work space!)
  6. I gather my new year stationery, turn on my computer and get stuck into work in my clean, hygienic and safe environment.

Sometimes it’s hard to get back into the work routine so I like to pre-iron and set out a few work shirts and pants to make my mornings run more smoothly in the first week back. I also try to keep as close to my work week sleeping hours as possible in the couple of days leading up to work so my body adjusts back into the routine.


I hope my tips help you out and you can get set for an organized and productive 2014.



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