Get on your bike

We talk a lot about reducing our carbon footprint and being kinder to the environment here at Ha-Ra so Leon and Bindy decided to do something about it and they ‘got on their bikes’, literally.


On Saturday they took their maiden voyage down to Hastings Street in Noosa and as you can see from the photos, these are not your normal bikes and it did take some time for them (well Bindy) to get her bike legs on and master steering her bike without running into anything or anyone! Once there and in one piece, Bindy and Leon had lots of fun talking to people in the street and sharing the Ha-Ra message.


If you have had the pleasure to meet Bindy you know what a fun and crazy person she is so we had to share a shot of her practising at home in one of her crazy get ups! Now rumour has it that there may be some more crazy shots to come!

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