Easy back to school tips form Louise

Don’t the holidays just fly by! I can’t believe it’s nearly time for the kids to get back to school (is it wrong if I’m a little excited!) and for us all to fall back into a routine. I am actually looking forward to having a little more structure back in our lives after a few weeks of spontaneity. 


However, before everything goes back to normal there are a few things to be done to get the kids back to school properly:

  1. Find and check all school bags! Hopefully there aren’t any old bananas hiding and festering in school bags from last year. Even if there’s no hiding fruit it’s a good chance to clean out the bag thoroughly so you know that the new year with all the new books and gear will be in a clean and hygienic bag. Wash the inside and outside of the bag(s) with a wet Ha-Ra® Green Glove and some Protective formula. Then hang it on the clothes line in the sun to dry and kill any bacteria lurking. 
  2. Check the lunch boxes. If these are good to use for another year then give these a hygienic clean up too. Use the Viva Mini Cloth as it will clean into the corners and remove any greasy marks. Then dry thoroughly, leaving the lid off until completely dry.  If a lunch box has been left in a school bag all summer and is smelly then clean it with the Viva Mini and some Rollfix Protective Formula, then leave it outside in the sun to dry out and kill bacteria.
  3. Get your kids to try on their school uniforms to make sure they (still) fit with enough time for you to either buy new uniforms or make alterations. Don’t leave it to the morning of the first day back!
  4. Check you’ve got enough socks, hair bands and any other school accessories you might need.
  5. Pick up school books and stationery and set aside time to cover them. Plastic wrap makes the books last longer and not look so tattered through the year. If your kids use computers more than notebooks, make sure you’ve got a few USB sticks and discs ready to use. 
  6. Prepare yourself for the routine of preparing lunches, getting kids ready for a deadline (drop off time), pick-up and homework schedules. You might be excited to get back to normal but don’t forget all the parts involved.

Plus, I find it helps to get the kids excited about heading back to school, seeing all their friends, meeting new teachers and getting a new desk etc. For the kids who aren’t too keen on school, I find this helps them ease into it and they start to look forward to it. 


If you have any other tips to share about getting ready to get back to school, please share with us! 


Louise xx

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